Saturday, April 2, 2011

First Global Link Event

Hallo again, readers! :3

As my next post I decided to be a bit more... informative with it. As some of you may already know of, the new Pokemon Black & White games can connect online to an area called the Dream World, where we can send one of our Pokemon over WiFi, then play with it here on our computers!

Anyway, the Global Link (which is the host site of the Dream World) has not been activated in the US yet, and has been pushed back due to the recent disasters in Japan. Well, the Pokemon GL should be out soon enough, hopefully this month, and Nintendo has released their first GL-related Event for us! If you go onto the Pokemon Trainer's Club website (link below) and login, you get to play a game! It's a simple Brick-Breaker-esque game where you collect dropped orbs. Whichever orbs you collect the most of will determine the Eeveelution you get at the end (ie. more Water Orbs will give Vaporeon, more Psychic Orbs will give Espeon)! At the end, it tells you which Eeveelution you received, and you have the choice to keep that one, or play again for a new one. Caution! You only get to keep one that you choose, so choose wisely! Once you do this, you can later retrieve your new Pokemon, who will be waiting for you in the Dream World!

So, the thing about these special Pokemon is that they have their special Dream World abilities, which are otherwise unobtainable! Some of these are a bit trivial, while others help the Pokemon immensely! So, if you would like to go and play the game, use the link below and login to the Pokemon Trainer's Club. Have fun!

Pokemon Trainer Club

PS) I chose Umbreon~ ;3 May not have had the best DW Ability, but he's still my favorite!

~NiGHtsBeta09, signing out~


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