Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pokemon Global Link + Event!

Hey, guys! Got some more info for ya' all!

Well, it's what we've all ("we've all" meaning B&W players) been waiting for~! The Pokemon Global Link is now live and open in Japan, as well as it opens for every other region of the game! That means us too, US! *yays*

So, for any of you looking forward to the Dream World (I know I am~), be sure to connect to it as soon as you can! Again, you need an account at the Pokemon Trainer's Club on the main site in order to connect the game to the Global Link, so if you need one still, get one at the link below! It's free!

Pokemon Trainer's Club

Anyway, now that the Global Link is finally released, I will post up some instructions on how to get your game, and Pokemon, into the land of Dreams~! I hope you all have fun there~!! :3


On a somewhat-related note, there is another event being released soon! Again, this one is for Pokemon Black and White. I'm starting to feel a bit sorry for those still playing strictly on HeartGold or SoulSilver... o3o" Not that that's bad~ I love those games too, and play my SS a lot~

Anyway, anyone that's been following the events may have heard of this one before. It's a Toys R Us event, and it begins on April 27th, and ends on May 31st. This is known as the Secret Egg Giveaway~

What makes it so Secret? you may ask? Well... *laughs*

Well, you have a random chance of recieving an Egg containing a Mamepato (Pidove), Yanappu (Pansage), or a Kibago (Axew)! For those of you who follow the anime, you will know these are based on the characters Ash, Cilan, and Iris respectively, as they have one of these Pokemon! It is unknown which one you will get, and once you receive the Egg, it is set in stone. Hope you all get what you want! *needs an Axew to finish his team, being hopeful*

Well, I gotta go check out the Dream World and give you guys the info, so I'll see you later today! Guten tag~! :3


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