Thursday, April 28, 2011

Where Am I?

Hallo, everyone! Welcome to another sector of the Pokemon Hive!

Anyway, I decided just to let you all be updated at my current stance in my Pokemon games (that I've been playing lately). These two games are Pokemon SoulSilver (epic game, love the remake) and Pokemon Black (for yet another Generation, it's not bad)~

For Pokemon SoulSilver, I really like my team~ For those of you who do not know, it is:

-Fang the Feraligatr
-Kyuureki the Ampharos
-Razor the Scyther (named after the Scyther in Dragonfree's Quest for the Legends)
-Uvei the Umbreon (best Eeveelution~)
-Flame the Typhlosion (traded and hatched)
-Silver the Lugia (first on-team Legend in a while)

I really like my team so far, since they're all Pokemon that I like~ And yes, I know Scizor is better but I've always liked Scyther more |'3 So this particular one will not be evolving!! Haha, anyway, they're all Lvl.61-62 right now, since I've been procrastinating my training. I still need to beat Red and all, but I feel like after I do, I'll be able to complete this PokeDex, if I try for it! It won't be easy though.. ^^;; As for now, I focus on training, making more teams, and just messing around and completing random things in-game~ If you guys ever wanna play on it, let me know, and comment!

For my Pokemon Black, I am currently at 6 Badges even though I got the game on the first day it came out here in the US ^^" Senior Project at school took my free time, so I couldn't play that much. But still, I finally completed my team of 6 (again lacking a Flyer), so I'm getting up to speed now~ For those of you who want to know my team, here it is:

-Ganon the Emboar (you gotta admit, he's a fiery version of the older Ganon)
-Taboo the Zebstrika (play The World Ends With You on DS, you'll understand the name)
-Gaia the Gigalith (probably my fave 5th Gen Pokemon)
-Darklor the Zoroark
-Kumasyun<3 the Beartic (heart included)
-Bladier the Fraxure (still training to catch up to others)

Anyway, this is my team, who is all in the low Lvl.40's, except the Lvl.38-ish Fraxure catching up~ I like the game mostly so far, but I have to admit, the difficulty to level is sometimes annoying, but not too much. One thing that has succeeded in annoyance is the heightened catch rate, especially in caves and on water. Seriously, it's annoying getting into 3 battles with Lvl.10- Frillish, all within the same 10 steps (so less than 1-3 steps from each other). o3o" But I'm surviving~ ^^"

Anyway, I'll be doing reviews on some of these games, but for now I'll start with these~!

So everyone have a good night, and I'll talk to you later! Ja ne~! :3


  1. Love the name Darklor reminds me of Darkrai and it is just as cool.

  2. @maggief33

    Haha, yeah~ I love that name and have been using it since I got Sonic adventure 2: Battle for the first time! ^^"

    You know the Chao? My favorite Dark Chao was named Darklor~ (was originally meant to be Darklord, but only 7 characters could be used)