Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pokemon Global Link - Instructions

Hallo, once again~! :3

I'm here this time to tell you all how you can get your game into the Pokemon Global Link (PGL)! I'm getting excited here, myself! *jumping around*


1. Anyway, first you'll need to make sure you have a Pokemon Trainer's Club account, as I've mentioned a few times before.

2. Next, go to pokemon-gl.com (most servers will automatically send you to the one that fits your region, like US or Japan).

3. From here, sign into your Pokemon Trainer's Club account on the left taskbar.

4. After you do this, it will require you to create a new PGL nickname, which unfortunately can't be the same as your Pokemon Trainer's Club screen name, I believe. Sucks if you're like me and usually go by one name on things like this (NiGHtsBeta09 for me).

5. When you do this, go into your Pokemon Black Version or Pokemon White Version, and at the title menu (New Game, Continue, ect.) go to Game Sync Settings.

6. In this option, it will connect you to WiFi, then you should answer "Yes" to the question it gives you. Give it a minute or two to create a random code. Write this down if you need to!

7. On the same screen where you typed in your new nickname, it will ask for a Game Sync ID. This is where you type in the code that your DS game just gave you.

8. Click "Register" and continue to the next page, click "Continue" when you check if the info is correct, then you will have created your PGL account! (Linked to the Pokemon Trainer's Club account)

9. After this, you can go into your game that you just registered to the PGL, check your C-Gear, and go to the "Online" option there.

10. Choose the "Game Sync" option (only option there) and follow the simple steps to tuck one of your Boxed Pokemon to sleep~

11. Go online to the Dream World part of the PGL, and enjoy play games with your Pokemon~

12. Have fun, and get some good items/Pokemon there! Hope everyone likes it~!


Well, there's the breakdown of the PGL for ya' all! Just remember, you can only spend an hour in the Dream World per 24 hour period, so don't forget to get your Pokemon back, and trust me... Don't edit the time on your DS. If you wait 23 and a half hours, skip time a half hour ahead, and try, you'll have to wait an additional 24 hours! So 47.5 hours total!

So besides that, enjoy, guys! :3 Buh-bye~!


  1. Haha, I know, but you can always find places to get to WiFi if you needed it! Good luck!