Thursday, April 28, 2011

Where Am I?

Hallo, everyone! Welcome to another sector of the Pokemon Hive!

Anyway, I decided just to let you all be updated at my current stance in my Pokemon games (that I've been playing lately). These two games are Pokemon SoulSilver (epic game, love the remake) and Pokemon Black (for yet another Generation, it's not bad)~

For Pokemon SoulSilver, I really like my team~ For those of you who do not know, it is:

-Fang the Feraligatr
-Kyuureki the Ampharos
-Razor the Scyther (named after the Scyther in Dragonfree's Quest for the Legends)
-Uvei the Umbreon (best Eeveelution~)
-Flame the Typhlosion (traded and hatched)
-Silver the Lugia (first on-team Legend in a while)

I really like my team so far, since they're all Pokemon that I like~ And yes, I know Scizor is better but I've always liked Scyther more |'3 So this particular one will not be evolving!! Haha, anyway, they're all Lvl.61-62 right now, since I've been procrastinating my training. I still need to beat Red and all, but I feel like after I do, I'll be able to complete this PokeDex, if I try for it! It won't be easy though.. ^^;; As for now, I focus on training, making more teams, and just messing around and completing random things in-game~ If you guys ever wanna play on it, let me know, and comment!

For my Pokemon Black, I am currently at 6 Badges even though I got the game on the first day it came out here in the US ^^" Senior Project at school took my free time, so I couldn't play that much. But still, I finally completed my team of 6 (again lacking a Flyer), so I'm getting up to speed now~ For those of you who want to know my team, here it is:

-Ganon the Emboar (you gotta admit, he's a fiery version of the older Ganon)
-Taboo the Zebstrika (play The World Ends With You on DS, you'll understand the name)
-Gaia the Gigalith (probably my fave 5th Gen Pokemon)
-Darklor the Zoroark
-Kumasyun<3 the Beartic (heart included)
-Bladier the Fraxure (still training to catch up to others)

Anyway, this is my team, who is all in the low Lvl.40's, except the Lvl.38-ish Fraxure catching up~ I like the game mostly so far, but I have to admit, the difficulty to level is sometimes annoying, but not too much. One thing that has succeeded in annoyance is the heightened catch rate, especially in caves and on water. Seriously, it's annoying getting into 3 battles with Lvl.10- Frillish, all within the same 10 steps (so less than 1-3 steps from each other). o3o" But I'm surviving~ ^^"

Anyway, I'll be doing reviews on some of these games, but for now I'll start with these~!

So everyone have a good night, and I'll talk to you later! Ja ne~! :3

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pokemon of the Week - Gyarados

Credit for image goes to Delthero (he's on deviantART).

So to start off this week's posts, we have the Atrocious Pokemon, Gyarados! Gyarados has always been another favorite of mine, ever since the first generation games, and has continued to be everyone's favorite Water-Type powerhouse since then. A huge leviathan coming from a single, small, harmless carp, you have #130 in the Kanto and National Dex, Gyarados!

Gyarados is, as I said, an offensive powerhouse. This large sea serpent can take down almost any Pokemon that doesn't resist it. With an incredible Attack stat of 125, and overall well-off defenses, not only will this thing be taking down the enemy, but he'll be surviving them as well! As a Water/Flying dual type, he has resistances against some of the most common metagame move typings, and only has a few key flaws. Also due to his typing, any bulky or fast Pokemon with an Electric attack will be sending Gyarados a blow to be watched for, and the obsession with Stealth Rock nowadays doesn't really help him either. But despite these downsides, Gyarados still manages to be one of the most powerful Pokemon out there. If you use him, he will not disappoint! Just... not against a Starmie or Jolteon, please...

Base Stats:
Hp -  95
Atk - 125
Def - 79
Sp.Atk - 60
Sp.Def - 100
Spd - 81

Gyarados @ Life Orb

Ability: Intimidate
EVs: 252 Atk, 4 Def, 252 Spd
Nature: Adamant
- Dragon Dance
- Waterfall
- Stone Edge
- Earthquake

This is a favorite set of mine. With this EV spread and nature, along with Life Orb, Gyarados is already a strong hitter. Right? Well, after a Dragon Dance or two, not much will be able to take down this guy, let alone outspeed or survive him! Waterfall is the standard move here, as it's Gyarados's powerful STAB attack. It can hit anything not resistant very, very hard! Along with this, you have Stone Edge for the Flyers and Birds, along with other Gyarados that may try and counter you. Plus it offers nice coverage with Waterfall. To complete a good line of coverage with the other two attacks, we have the everpresent Earthquake! Besides coverage, it allows you to hit those resisting Steel-Types like Metagross and Empoleon. Some people it seems like to use Bounce in the final slot, as it is more powerful that even Waterfall, but you will need to be more lenient with the coverage overall. Just use what best fits the team you are making! And have fun~!

Gyarados @ Choice Band

Ability: Intimidate
EVs: 72 HP, 252 Atk, 184 Spd
Nature: Adamant
- Waterfall
- Payback
- Stone Edge
- Earthquake

For this set (the only alternative that I kinda liked), Gyarados is played a bit differently from usual. It still has a boosting item, and Waterfall to maintain the prowess we all know and love. Payback is a nice surprise for enemies, as it can be used to counter what usually counters it like Celebi, or even Starmie and others. Stone Edge is the usual coverage aid with Waterfall, and kills anything airborne, almost. I chose Earthquake again over other options, as it seems more viable to me. Again it takes down Steels that would resist the other attacks. Your only problem will be Brellom that can wall this set otherwise (you can use Ice Fang for him) and... that's basically it, I think? Plus Ice Fang is a more accurate Flyer-killer, but still keeps a role.

Okay, guys! I hope you liked this next Pokemon of the Week! I know it's a bit late again, but I still had Senior Project to work on in school, and it drained my energy lately... But good news! I finished it (besides the presentation), so I have more time and energy! Yay! Wai~! Hehe... Anyway, be looking forward to next time, ok~?! Haha, I'll be writing!

Battle on! And guten tag~ Ja ne~

Thursday, April 21, 2011

~Favorite Starters~

Favorite Starters
Hallo, everyone! Welcome again to the Pokemon Hive, where beasts of big and small can live together in a peaceful sanctuary~ Today,I decided to talk about the Pokemon Starters~! Yay~! Hehe, anyway! I'll be talking about my favorite Starters by category, and I hope any of my readers that see this will tell me theirs! :3

Generation/RegionOk, first I will be talking about my favorite Starter per Generation/Region (Kanto, Johto, ect.). I hope this works out well, since I like a lot of them!

1st Generation - Kanto
For here, as much as I like them all, my favorite Starter is definitely Charmander~ I've just always enjoyed using Charmander, then Charizard, so it's been a favorite of mine for a long time. I have tried the others, but I always return to that little Fire lizard~

2nd Generation - JohtoFor this Generation, I've always liked using my Totodile~ But I will make this clear for now: Cyndaquil is a very close second for me! I would have gladly used Chikorita more often, but I like the attacking power of the other two, especially the little gator (for defensiveness, I usually like Umbreon more). I just always preferred Totodile, myself~

3rd Generation - HoennFor the 3rd Gen, I usually choose between Mudkip and Treecko, though I like both. Here, I can't really decide on a favorite, but I like them both. I'm not sure why, but I never got too into using Torchic, I guess~ ^^" Well, that's all for Hoenn then~

4th Generation - SinnohFor the Sinnoh Region, I mostly choose Piplup, but I like Turtwig just as much. I can't decide here either, but I do like them both~ |3 So for here, I simply have both the little penguin and the turtle in my ranks~ Works out pretty well, at least for me~

5th Generation - UnovaFor Unova, I've only played it once (my Black Version), and I personally like Tepig~ I don't mind it if my Pokemon are slow (heck, my favorite 5th Gen Pokemon is one of the slowest in existence! o3o"), and I love his attack power too~ Now that I think of it...I never got really into the Fire/Fighting Starters until now.. o3o" There are too many of them >> Anyway, I also like it because Emboar looks like Legend of Zelda's Ganon, with more fire |'3

By TypeBy type, it's fairly simple for me, and not too hard to choose, somewhat? Here we go~!

For my Grass favorites, I usually like Treecko and Turtwig the most, but I can't choose which here ^^" I like Bulbasaur, so he's close too.. |'3 But it's mostly between the first 2~

Fire-TypeThis one, as sad as it is to push the others away, goes to Charmander. Overall, Charmander is my favorite Starter of all types (and Charuzard is my favorite Pokemon), and close ones are Cyndaquil, and I kinda like Pokebu too. But Cyndaquil is the closest you'll geta to a second for Charmander~


For the Water Starter... Hmmm.... I'd probably have to say Totodile~? I don't wanna be mean to the other Starters, but seriously, I like that little alligator dude~ |'3 I don't know how much more to say, but I will reiterate that I like all Starters! I just choose faves...~ |3

Anyway, I hope you guys like this issue of my info stuff! And I hope you continue to read~ Until next time, Ja ne! I'll meet you at the Hive~!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pokemon of the Week - Charizard


As my second Pokemon of the Week, I chose my number 1 favorite Pokemon ever! Charizard! I've always liked this guy, and I just wish he had more playability in the OU metagame. Anyway, sorry for the PotW delay, I just wanted Typhlosion not to be short-handed~ |3 Enjoy!

Charizard boasts a great Special Attack, as well as a very nice Speed that can beat those strange 97, 98, and 99 Base Speed Pokemon nowadays! He is somewhat frail in the defense department, but even his low Attack can be usable on a certain set (one of my faves, talked about below). The only drawback I find to Charizard is his 4x weakness to Rock-Type attacks. This means he's a victim to the metagame's fanboy/girl love of Stealth Rock. I personally distaste using things that are so OVERLY used that it gets annoying. Oh, and as a side note: I didn't realize until I did this Pokemon of the Week, but Charizard and Typhlosion have the exact same Base Stats.. o3o"

Base Stats:
HP - 78
Attack - 84
Defense - 78
Sp.Attack - 109
Sp.Defense - 85
Speed - 100

Charizard @ Petaya Berry
Ability: Blaze
EVs: 244 Sp.Atk, 252 Spd, 12 HP
Nature: Timid
- Flamethrower
- Solar Beam/Focus Blast
- Sunny Day
- Substitute.
This set is pretty easy to understand, and not too hard to pull off. Just put up a
Substitute, use Sunny Day, then Substitute until you reach 1/4 Max HP. Here,
Blaze and the Petaya Berry will activate, and along with Sunny Day, this will make
Charizard into a huge sweeper. Not much will resist a Sunny Blaze STABed
Flamethrower at 319 Base Power. Solar Beam takes care of Waters and most
anything that resists the Flamethrower. You could also take on Tyranitar with
Focus Blast, as he would otherwise destroy your sweep completely here.
Just keep it up, and it may not last long, but you will take down a few with this
dragon's power. And that Petaya Berry just pumps it all up even more at 1/4 HP.
Oh yeah, and if you're wondering about the strange EV setup, this gives Charizard
enough HP to get exactly to 1/4 HP.
Charizard @ Salac Berry
Ability: Blaze
EVs: 140 HP, 116 Atk, 52 Def, 200 Spd
Nature: Adamant/Jolly
- Belly Drum
- Earthquake
- Fire Punch
- Substitute
Ooo~ This is one of my favorite sets~ Anyway, you should come in when
you're not attacked (after losing a teammate) or into a Grass attack, and make
sure whatever you switch into will run away from Charizard. When they switch,
Substitute! Then Belly Drum as they attack your little Rhydon doll there. After
this, you have a Blazing, Max Attack, 1.5x Speed fiery lizard that will take
down almost anything. With these boosts, even a Dragon will cower to a
beefed up Fire Punch! Keep it going, and whatever you do, do NOT get
hit or your lizard will slam down hard! Other than that, you won't have
to worry about much, since Fire Punch and Earthquake offer great
type coverage. Happy battling~ >:3
Well, there you have it! Another Pokemon of the Week for you to enjoy~!
I hope everyone here likes them, and continue to read on~ I'll write as long as
you all read! Well, Gute nacht! And Battle On! X3

Friday, April 15, 2011

Character Ramble~!

Hallo, everybody! I don't know how many people are actively reading this, even out of my friends (with 1 follower). ^^;;

Anyway, I'd just like to ramble a bit on some characters. I checked Serebii and saw an update about the Pokemon manga, and I've always liked Silver's design in the manga, so it made me wanna write about them. |'D

So, I'd like to start this one out with a character we all know well! Ash Ketchum is a character that everyone who knows Pokemon should know. He's the one all little trainers want to be when they're growing up, and when they watch the anime. They want to go on his adventures, see what he sees, experience the world of Pokemon! Well... I know that's how I felt. To this day, I still think it would be the most awesome thing every to travel in the Pokemon World. I wish it were possible, honestly. Either way, there were a few things that I always liked about Ash. He always got to experience everything, he got to travel freely, he never gave up ever, and most of all... I want a Charizard! Haha, it's still a fave of mine~ Anyway, I urge you all to watch the anime! Even the new ones are good, though they fail when compared to the old! ^^"

I continue on with another huge favorite to many Pokemon fans! I even know a little someone who stopped watching the anime altogether once Misty left~! |'3 Anyway, Misty is another major character in the Pokemon series, and a lot of people were disappointed when she left Ash to go it alone, and headed back to Cerulean to take over the Gym. I am proud of her exploits and comedy through the series, and can honestly say Pokemon would not have been as good (anime-wise) without her~ And We all know we like her! glares at Misty haters Anyway, from her Horsea to her Staryu, her Psyduck to her Togepi, and even Politoed and Starmie... Her team is one to remember, and was always a major part of the series... See you another time, Misty!

And finally, another major character! This one makes more of a prominent stance in the games than the anime, though, but I believe he did once make an anime cameo (gotta check that fact). Anyway, this is Silver, one of the most well-known rivals in the entire series, beaten only by Gary Oak. He originated in Gold, Silver, and Crystal for the GBC, but was remade for the DS on HeartGold and SoulSilver. Not much is known about the young thief. And that has more meaning than it should. You don't even know his name the first time you see him! I'm guessing it's mostly due to his personality or possibly boredom of fans, but it seems that Silver is the one Rival in history that people most like to name badly. Whether it be profane or just stupid (I've actually seen someone name him "Stupid"), the strange names people give to Silver is more variant than on any other Rival. Along with this, over the course of the game he annoys you with high sense of power (even giving a quip of how losers get lucky sometimes, when you beat him in the Burnt Tower). Later on, you slowly notice how he changes from the horrible thief you made him out to be, into a more respectable, loyal, and even righteous young man. His change of goal and personality gives you a ton of respect for him later, and it saddens me that he does not follow you into the Kanto Region after you beat him in front of the Pokemon League. I'm at least glad you can fight him any time you desire, though~ Well, here's my favorite rival for ya'!

Well, there you go, guys! 3 characters from the games and anime series, and a lot of info and review about them! I hope you like this, and continue to read on! I'll see ya' all soon! :3

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pokemon Global Link - Instructions

Hallo, once again~! :3

I'm here this time to tell you all how you can get your game into the Pokemon Global Link (PGL)! I'm getting excited here, myself! *jumping around*


1. Anyway, first you'll need to make sure you have a Pokemon Trainer's Club account, as I've mentioned a few times before.

2. Next, go to (most servers will automatically send you to the one that fits your region, like US or Japan).

3. From here, sign into your Pokemon Trainer's Club account on the left taskbar.

4. After you do this, it will require you to create a new PGL nickname, which unfortunately can't be the same as your Pokemon Trainer's Club screen name, I believe. Sucks if you're like me and usually go by one name on things like this (NiGHtsBeta09 for me).

5. When you do this, go into your Pokemon Black Version or Pokemon White Version, and at the title menu (New Game, Continue, ect.) go to Game Sync Settings.

6. In this option, it will connect you to WiFi, then you should answer "Yes" to the question it gives you. Give it a minute or two to create a random code. Write this down if you need to!

7. On the same screen where you typed in your new nickname, it will ask for a Game Sync ID. This is where you type in the code that your DS game just gave you.

8. Click "Register" and continue to the next page, click "Continue" when you check if the info is correct, then you will have created your PGL account! (Linked to the Pokemon Trainer's Club account)

9. After this, you can go into your game that you just registered to the PGL, check your C-Gear, and go to the "Online" option there.

10. Choose the "Game Sync" option (only option there) and follow the simple steps to tuck one of your Boxed Pokemon to sleep~

11. Go online to the Dream World part of the PGL, and enjoy play games with your Pokemon~

12. Have fun, and get some good items/Pokemon there! Hope everyone likes it~!


Well, there's the breakdown of the PGL for ya' all! Just remember, you can only spend an hour in the Dream World per 24 hour period, so don't forget to get your Pokemon back, and trust me... Don't edit the time on your DS. If you wait 23 and a half hours, skip time a half hour ahead, and try, you'll have to wait an additional 24 hours! So 47.5 hours total!

So besides that, enjoy, guys! :3 Buh-bye~!

Pokemon Global Link + Event!

Hey, guys! Got some more info for ya' all!

Well, it's what we've all ("we've all" meaning B&W players) been waiting for~! The Pokemon Global Link is now live and open in Japan, as well as it opens for every other region of the game! That means us too, US! *yays*

So, for any of you looking forward to the Dream World (I know I am~), be sure to connect to it as soon as you can! Again, you need an account at the Pokemon Trainer's Club on the main site in order to connect the game to the Global Link, so if you need one still, get one at the link below! It's free!

Pokemon Trainer's Club

Anyway, now that the Global Link is finally released, I will post up some instructions on how to get your game, and Pokemon, into the land of Dreams~! I hope you all have fun there~!! :3


On a somewhat-related note, there is another event being released soon! Again, this one is for Pokemon Black and White. I'm starting to feel a bit sorry for those still playing strictly on HeartGold or SoulSilver... o3o" Not that that's bad~ I love those games too, and play my SS a lot~

Anyway, anyone that's been following the events may have heard of this one before. It's a Toys R Us event, and it begins on April 27th, and ends on May 31st. This is known as the Secret Egg Giveaway~

What makes it so Secret? you may ask? Well... *laughs*

Well, you have a random chance of recieving an Egg containing a Mamepato (Pidove), Yanappu (Pansage), or a Kibago (Axew)! For those of you who follow the anime, you will know these are based on the characters Ash, Cilan, and Iris respectively, as they have one of these Pokemon! It is unknown which one you will get, and once you receive the Egg, it is set in stone. Hope you all get what you want! *needs an Axew to finish his team, being hopeful*

Well, I gotta go check out the Dream World and give you guys the info, so I'll see you later today! Guten tag~! :3

Friday, April 8, 2011

A double post! *gasp* Featuring music~

Hallo, readers! :3

Due to my recent business taking up my time, I decided to supply you with a second post in the same day to make up for a bit! Anyway, remember, if you guys would like to hear about anything in particular, let me know! It helps!

I've been listening to a lot of Pokemon music on my iPod and online, and so I thought I'd just share some of my favorites with you guys!


I guess one of them would be the Champion and Trainer Red Battle Theme from Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver! I just love how this song gets straight to the action, and has a great feel to it when compared to a lot of songs! It just gets me really pumped during the battle with both Champion Lance and Trainer Red. Haha... Anyway, what starter did you guys get? I always use Totodile, with a rare Cyndaquil~ ^^" Don't get me wrong, I like Cyndaquil too, but Totodile's my favorite in Johto.

The next one I'd have to say is Team Rocket Double Trouble! Haha, I'm a big fan of the Team Rocket Trio, ever since the Indigo League, and this song is hilarious, but catchy. If you guys just want a fun song to listen to, I'd recommend this one for sure~ The fact that Jessie, James, and even Meowth sing this themselves is another fun bonus! I think you'd all like it...probably... >>"

Finally, I'll leave you guys with one final song. This is a fave of mine, and of someone very important to me~ Haha, someone who also ended up stop watching the anime sometime after this episode, due to what happened to her favorite character.. ^^" I'm not gonna say too much more, besides that it's a very calm and nice song to listen to. I hope you all like it, and to find out what it is, check below! Mwahahaha-- *hackcoughgagbreathe* .....I'm ok... >>"

Anyway, I think that should be enough for now. I'll save more good songs for another time, so I hope you all keep reading!

To all my loyal readers here: Guten tag! Ja ne!

I'm back!

Sorry, guys! I know I've been saying I'll post every other day at least for a while now, and I've failed so soon... It's just I have many deadlines to meet, like my school Senior Project. The darn thing is a graduation requirement, and a big portion of it is due next week.

Anyway, I've been spending each day this week drawing multiple art pieces for a book I have to make for my project. My subject I chose was Art, so my Community Service portion was to make a book with my own story/art, and donate it to the children's ward at the Whittier Presbyterian Hospital. It's been a hassle, but at least it's helping with my art block...

So, I have drawn about... 5 pieces so far, I think? I'm gonna get as many as I can done today, and maybe a couple more tomorrow if I still need it. Tomorrow I'm printing, binding, and donating it, so hopefully this will all finally be done with... Well, I'm sure you guys don't want to hear me rant about my schoolwork, especially after being gone for a while. ^^;; So, what else to say~?

Pokemon starts here!!

So, on a lighter, Pika-related note: I have info on the Global Link! Apparently, the site has told its members (me included) that the Pokemon GL will be up and running by the 13th, but sadly, they took down that info soon after.

At the time, I'm not sure if this means it still will be released then, or if they may have changed it due to problems. Let's all hope for the best and root for the company supplying us with these fun (yet sometimes weird) creatures!

So, we also have to remember Japan's current situation. The massive 9.0-magnitude earthquake along with a dual tsunami took out much of the coast, and almost all of the Tohoku region. If you guys have time, please make a donation or something to help Japan. They need it!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Ongoing Events! Don't miss 'em!

Hallo again, everyone! Don't know how many active readers I have so far, but I figure I'll get more over time! Haha... Anyway, I decided to let you all in on the info now~

Not sure if you guys know, but there are a few live Pokemon Events going on now! (thus explaining my little Celebi up there~) Anyway, obviously the internet does not discriminate countries, and I don't know if any non-US peoples are reading my stuff, so I'll try and be as thorough as possible, ok?

United States
Liberty Ticket - This ticket allows you to get to Liberty Garden Island in the new Black and White games, where you can catch the Legendary Victini, the Victory Pokemon! This event will last until April 10th (less than a week!), so get it over WiFi if you haven't already!

Liberty Ticket - Again, this ticket brings you to a small island with a lighthouse, where you can catch the perfect stat Legendary Victini! Get it over WiFi before April 22nd if you haven't yet, ok?

(I believe this refers to Australia and other countries that got the games)
Liberty Ticket - And finally, again due to its later release than the US copy of Black and White, countries outside of the US, Japan, and Europe have a chance to get the Liberty Ticket and the Legendary Pokemon Victini! Get this one before April 28th, and you'll be good to go! WiFi again, by the way~

So there you have it, guys! I hope this was useful to you all, and that none of you miss the Events! :3 I will be updating this blog with more Pokemon information, and possibly special updates for new Events, ok? Have fun, and gute nacht! ("Good night!" in German)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

First Global Link Event

Hallo again, readers! :3

As my next post I decided to be a bit more... informative with it. As some of you may already know of, the new Pokemon Black & White games can connect online to an area called the Dream World, where we can send one of our Pokemon over WiFi, then play with it here on our computers!

Anyway, the Global Link (which is the host site of the Dream World) has not been activated in the US yet, and has been pushed back due to the recent disasters in Japan. Well, the Pokemon GL should be out soon enough, hopefully this month, and Nintendo has released their first GL-related Event for us! If you go onto the Pokemon Trainer's Club website (link below) and login, you get to play a game! It's a simple Brick-Breaker-esque game where you collect dropped orbs. Whichever orbs you collect the most of will determine the Eeveelution you get at the end (ie. more Water Orbs will give Vaporeon, more Psychic Orbs will give Espeon)! At the end, it tells you which Eeveelution you received, and you have the choice to keep that one, or play again for a new one. Caution! You only get to keep one that you choose, so choose wisely! Once you do this, you can later retrieve your new Pokemon, who will be waiting for you in the Dream World!

So, the thing about these special Pokemon is that they have their special Dream World abilities, which are otherwise unobtainable! Some of these are a bit trivial, while others help the Pokemon immensely! So, if you would like to go and play the game, use the link below and login to the Pokemon Trainer's Club. Have fun!

Pokemon Trainer Club

PS) I chose Umbreon~ ;3 May not have had the best DW Ability, but he's still my favorite!

~NiGHtsBeta09, signing out~