Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm back!

Sorry, guys! I know I've been saying I'll post every other day at least for a while now, and I've failed so soon... It's just I have many deadlines to meet, like my school Senior Project. The darn thing is a graduation requirement, and a big portion of it is due next week.

Anyway, I've been spending each day this week drawing multiple art pieces for a book I have to make for my project. My subject I chose was Art, so my Community Service portion was to make a book with my own story/art, and donate it to the children's ward at the Whittier Presbyterian Hospital. It's been a hassle, but at least it's helping with my art block...

So, I have drawn about... 5 pieces so far, I think? I'm gonna get as many as I can done today, and maybe a couple more tomorrow if I still need it. Tomorrow I'm printing, binding, and donating it, so hopefully this will all finally be done with... Well, I'm sure you guys don't want to hear me rant about my schoolwork, especially after being gone for a while. ^^;; So, what else to say~?

Pokemon starts here!!

So, on a lighter, Pika-related note: I have info on the Global Link! Apparently, the site has told its members (me included) that the Pokemon GL will be up and running by the 13th, but sadly, they took down that info soon after.

At the time, I'm not sure if this means it still will be released then, or if they may have changed it due to problems. Let's all hope for the best and root for the company supplying us with these fun (yet sometimes weird) creatures!

So, we also have to remember Japan's current situation. The massive 9.0-magnitude earthquake along with a dual tsunami took out much of the coast, and almost all of the Tohoku region. If you guys have time, please make a donation or something to help Japan. They need it!


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