Monday, April 4, 2011

Ongoing Events! Don't miss 'em!

Hallo again, everyone! Don't know how many active readers I have so far, but I figure I'll get more over time! Haha... Anyway, I decided to let you all in on the info now~

Not sure if you guys know, but there are a few live Pokemon Events going on now! (thus explaining my little Celebi up there~) Anyway, obviously the internet does not discriminate countries, and I don't know if any non-US peoples are reading my stuff, so I'll try and be as thorough as possible, ok?

United States
Liberty Ticket - This ticket allows you to get to Liberty Garden Island in the new Black and White games, where you can catch the Legendary Victini, the Victory Pokemon! This event will last until April 10th (less than a week!), so get it over WiFi if you haven't already!

Liberty Ticket - Again, this ticket brings you to a small island with a lighthouse, where you can catch the perfect stat Legendary Victini! Get it over WiFi before April 22nd if you haven't yet, ok?

(I believe this refers to Australia and other countries that got the games)
Liberty Ticket - And finally, again due to its later release than the US copy of Black and White, countries outside of the US, Japan, and Europe have a chance to get the Liberty Ticket and the Legendary Pokemon Victini! Get this one before April 28th, and you'll be good to go! WiFi again, by the way~

So there you have it, guys! I hope this was useful to you all, and that none of you miss the Events! :3 I will be updating this blog with more Pokemon information, and possibly special updates for new Events, ok? Have fun, and gute nacht! ("Good night!" in German)


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