Friday, April 15, 2011

Character Ramble~!

Hallo, everybody! I don't know how many people are actively reading this, even out of my friends (with 1 follower). ^^;;

Anyway, I'd just like to ramble a bit on some characters. I checked Serebii and saw an update about the Pokemon manga, and I've always liked Silver's design in the manga, so it made me wanna write about them. |'D

So, I'd like to start this one out with a character we all know well! Ash Ketchum is a character that everyone who knows Pokemon should know. He's the one all little trainers want to be when they're growing up, and when they watch the anime. They want to go on his adventures, see what he sees, experience the world of Pokemon! Well... I know that's how I felt. To this day, I still think it would be the most awesome thing every to travel in the Pokemon World. I wish it were possible, honestly. Either way, there were a few things that I always liked about Ash. He always got to experience everything, he got to travel freely, he never gave up ever, and most of all... I want a Charizard! Haha, it's still a fave of mine~ Anyway, I urge you all to watch the anime! Even the new ones are good, though they fail when compared to the old! ^^"

I continue on with another huge favorite to many Pokemon fans! I even know a little someone who stopped watching the anime altogether once Misty left~! |'3 Anyway, Misty is another major character in the Pokemon series, and a lot of people were disappointed when she left Ash to go it alone, and headed back to Cerulean to take over the Gym. I am proud of her exploits and comedy through the series, and can honestly say Pokemon would not have been as good (anime-wise) without her~ And We all know we like her! glares at Misty haters Anyway, from her Horsea to her Staryu, her Psyduck to her Togepi, and even Politoed and Starmie... Her team is one to remember, and was always a major part of the series... See you another time, Misty!

And finally, another major character! This one makes more of a prominent stance in the games than the anime, though, but I believe he did once make an anime cameo (gotta check that fact). Anyway, this is Silver, one of the most well-known rivals in the entire series, beaten only by Gary Oak. He originated in Gold, Silver, and Crystal for the GBC, but was remade for the DS on HeartGold and SoulSilver. Not much is known about the young thief. And that has more meaning than it should. You don't even know his name the first time you see him! I'm guessing it's mostly due to his personality or possibly boredom of fans, but it seems that Silver is the one Rival in history that people most like to name badly. Whether it be profane or just stupid (I've actually seen someone name him "Stupid"), the strange names people give to Silver is more variant than on any other Rival. Along with this, over the course of the game he annoys you with high sense of power (even giving a quip of how losers get lucky sometimes, when you beat him in the Burnt Tower). Later on, you slowly notice how he changes from the horrible thief you made him out to be, into a more respectable, loyal, and even righteous young man. His change of goal and personality gives you a ton of respect for him later, and it saddens me that he does not follow you into the Kanto Region after you beat him in front of the Pokemon League. I'm at least glad you can fight him any time you desire, though~ Well, here's my favorite rival for ya'!

Well, there you go, guys! 3 characters from the games and anime series, and a lot of info and review about them! I hope you like this, and continue to read on! I'll see ya' all soon! :3


  1. I LOVE MISTY!!!!!! I wish they brought her back T_T

  2. Haha, me to!! They totally should! And I know Kim does too~ She always tells me how she stopped watching after Misty left~ |3

  3. Replies
    1. Yeah, I know! I've read the manga~ :P (in the games it's hinted but unconfirmed...)