Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pokedex 3D: How to Obtain New Pokemon

Pokedex 3D
Nintendo 3DS

Hey guys! Welcome to my latest post in the Pokemon Hive! The bugs bein' nice to ya'~? Anyway, I know a few people are confused about how to get new Pokemon in the free game Pokedex 3D for the 3DS. Well today, I will explain a number of thing. First, for those who barely received their 3DS or haven't downloaded the Pokedex 3D game yet, I will explain how to do so. Then I will go into the number of ways you can get brand new Pokemon! Here we go~

 Getting Pokedex 3D
When you start off, your 3DS will normally be missing a few things, such as even the Nintendo eShop (the 3DS equivalent of the Wii Shop Channel). In the package for the 3DS there will be a lot of documentation, and in there is a fold-out instruction sheet labeled something like "Set-Up Guide." Follow the steps in there to start up your handheld, and connect it to the internet if you have WiFi (Note: An Internet Connection is necessary for most of the  things in this guide, btw...). After that, perform a System Update (just like the Wii, this can be found in the Settings), and you will get the Nintendo eShop on the 3DS's Main Menu.

Finally, go into the Nintendo eShop. Scroll along their list and you will easily find Pokedex 3D, which absolutely free to download! Follow the instructions there and congratz! You have Pokedex 3D~! When you start off, you will have a free 16 different Pokemon~

Obtaining New Pokemon
A photo of my AR-scanned Gigalith~ Awesome~!
First is the easiest and most efficient method, but possibly the only method. If you don't know anyone else (explained later) with the 3DS and game, you must rely on this method. Every day, rolling over at 12am midnight (though for some reason it happens around 10pm for me), you will see a dot next to the Pokedex 3D menu icon. This means you have received a new Pokemon's data! Enter the game and it will ask you if you want to download it, so choose "Yes." After that, exit the game or press the Home button on the 3DS, then re-enter the game. In the top right, it will say you have another new Pokemon, so tap it and select "Yes" like before. Finally, repeat that one more time for your 3rd and final Pokemon of the day~! And there you have it, 3 brand new additions to your game~

A couple notes here. You can only get 3 Pokemon total per day, no more. If you choose "No" to downloading it, it will ask again after 30 minutes. Also, these 3 Pokemon will always be ones that you don't already have, so don't worry~ Oh, and finally: you may have to go into Options and turn Spotpass on for this to work, but I think it asks you when you start up your game, as well.

Trade with Friends
Ok, it's Pokemon. Did you really not see this coming? As usual, you have the ability to "trade" Pokemon with your friends, and some Pokemon will actually require this to be obtained. If I am correct, each game has a unique "set" of Pokemon that cannot be gotten in your game (think of them as Version-Specifics). These must be traded with other to get yourself. I think these mostly include the Pokemon with different forms, like Frillish and Deerling.

Anyway, what you do is select the Pokemon in your Pokedex that you wish to trade over, then go to the Options on that page. Next, you'll want to select "Give" to send the data (you don't lose anything). Your friend will want to choose "Get" and will receive the Pokemon that you just sent~ Now you can do this back and forth for whatever Pokemon you each need!

Note: This must be done in local~! You cannot trade over WiFi~! (I noticed other guides weren't noting this...)

AR Stickers
This isn't necessarily a way to obtain new Pokemon, but a way to complete the game fully. Every time you get a Pokemon, you will see a little black and white square symbol on its page. This is their AR Marker. When you scan these with the AR Viewer (found in the Options again), you will register it in the Sticker Book (same place). If you have the Pokemon already when you scan a marker, you will see it pop out into reality! If you've played the AR Games on the 3DS by now, you'll know what I mean... Anyway, this will register the Marker as a full Sticker, and the Sticker Book will put the Pokemon's image over the Marker~ When the Pokemon pops out of the Marker you scanned, if you take a picture of it, it will register the Pokemon's Photo Sticker as well~ So each Pokemon has both a Pokemon Sticker and a Photo Sticker. Think of this as your Pokedex or collection, per say. So get on collecting! It won't be easy!

Oh, before I forget to mention! If there are Pokemon that you have scanned the AR Marker for but don't appear in your Dex already (they won't pop out of the Marker like others do), then those Pokemon have a higher chance of being one of your 3 new Pokemon in Spotpass! Use this to influence who you get! I got Volcarona, Krookodile, and Cubchoo in one day~

Well, that's all I have for this issue/post/whatever. I hope you guys enjoyed it and found it useful~ So stay tuned as usual, and see you next time!

Guten tag~ Ja ne~ :3

Monday, June 27, 2011

Pokemon of the Week - Volcarona


Here we are, guys~ The generic and weekly Pokemon of the Week! I decided to do another 5th Generation Pokemon. I asked someone close to me, and she said that one of her new favorites is Volcarona~ So I figured, meh, might as well~ So here you go, you have the uniquely-typed Bug/Fire Pokemon, and a strong one at that! As one of the top Special Attackers besides Legends, it would be no surprise if Volcarona is useable in the OU tier. (still not sure if "official" tiers have been announced, though I know Smogon has one, no?) - Volcarona Pokedex Entry

Volcarona, the Sun Pokemon~! There was confusion as to whether this Pokemon was a Legendary at first, similar to Lucario in 4th Gen, but it seemed to be quickly dispelled with its pre-Evo. In the games, you can get a hidden Volcarona late in game, and somewhat earlier, you can recieve an Egg holding its premature form, Larvesta! But beside the point... Volcarona is a great example of how Nintendo and Game Freak were very generous to Bug Pokemon this Generation (I love that, but Scyther, Scizor, and Heracross are faves of mines still). As a great Special Attacker and a very diverse movepool, this fiery moth will scorch anything in its path... that isn't made of Rock. o3o"

Base Stats:
HP - 85
Atk - 60
Def - 65
SpAtk - 135
SpDef - 105
Spd - 100

Volcarona @ Life Orb

Ability: Flame Body
EVs: 252 SpAtk, 4 SpDef, 252 Spd
Nature: Timid
- Quiver Dance
- Fiery Dance
- Bug Buzz
- Hidden Power [Rock]

Volcarona: the massively powerful armory of Special weapons~ Not only does its Base Stat spread yelp out Special Sweeper, its Special Defense makes it a viable Special Wall as well. Quiver Dance is just a killer here, and makes me surprised that Volcarona doesn't get banned to Uber, or become a top-list threat for it. It raises it Special Attack, Speed, and even its Special Defense even higher, making anything not Physical barely able to take its power! Next, the STAB begins. Fiery Dance is the best choice as it may not be the strongest, but it also raises Special attack further... really? In the long run, it crushes even Fire Blast! next is the powerful Bug Buzz, which is always reliable and will annihilate anything that doesn't resist Bugs after a couple boosts! Finally, Hidden Power [Rock] takes care of Gyarados and the airborne Dragons that would normally clip this moths little (big?) wings! And finally... wait... do the EVs and item even need explanation? Uhm... Oh! I guess if a bad Physical Attack does come your way, the ability offers the chance of a crippling Burn~! Hehe... Have fun~

Volcarona @ Chesto Berry

Ability: Flame Body
EVs: 160 HP, 252 SpAtk, 96 Spd
Nature: Modest
- Rest
- Fiery Dance
- Bug Buzz
- Quiver Dance

Moves-wise, this set is almost exactly the same as the last set. Modest is used here to make up for the lack of the Life Orb. Now most may be saying/thinking: "Wait... Why a Chesto Berry of all things for a Special Sweeper? Even if a Berry is used, why not Lum? It's safer!" *BZZZT!* Wrong~ A random status other than its intention will kinda take down this sets true purpose! What you need to do is bring Volcarona into a Special opponent and use its natural Special bulk to absorb a few hits while you continue on using Quiver Dances! When your health is low, use Rest and presto! Insta-Heal~! This offers a bigger chance for more Quiver Dances to boost you, and will offer a nice surprise for the opponent who doesn't see a heal coming like that! After the immense boosting from QD, move onto annihilating everything they throw at you~ I chose Fiery Dance again as even though Fire Blast would be better after losing your Life Orb, you may need a STAB attack after a couple QDs if a dangerous opponent is brought in, so that way you can kill it without fully stopping your boost. Lastly, Bug Buzz offers the final STAB attack, and is still one of Volcarona's best attacks~ I would like to quote a maker of this set (zdrup15 of Smogon), as this Pokemon will attract players like a moth to a flame! (bad pun, I know... o3o")

Hehe, this was fun to write! Unless a Pokemon is a favorite of mine, I tend to stay away from the overly-used and overly-powerful ones, but this Pokemon just seems too fun to use! I use what I like, but haven't had a lot of room to experiment like the one who chose this PotW has, since she has used it in her games. In my Black, I just have my Emboar, Zebstrika, Gigalith, Beartic, Zoroark, and Fraxure (soon to be Haxorus).

Anyway! Outside the rambling! (I do that a lot...) I hope you guys had fun~! Stay tuned for more information, and I'll talk to you all later! Oh, btw, my new additions to Pokedex 3D this morning were Munna, Sawk, and... *checks* oh yeah, Gothita!

So, gute nacht, guten tag, und guten morgen! Hehe... backwards... I'll catch you all later! Ja ne! 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nintendo 3DS

I got it finally~!
Hey~ It's a Mii of me~

Hallo, all~! I know I haven't updated a lot lately, but i wanna change it. I don't want this to become a blog of Pokemon of the week~ ^^" I hear of these bloggers who say you only have to update maybe once or twice a week to get the people happy, and I'm not sure if it works or not, but it just seems too little, to me... o3o"

Anyway, back to the main topic! I finally got a 3DS! I got the Aqua Blue version >:3 I normally would wait a while as I see no reason to pay $250 for a game thingy, but this was my graduation present (I graduated from high school almost 2 weeks ago), and I really wanted the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D~!! It's the remake of my favorite game of all time, so i was excited about it.

Not only this, but in line in Luigi's Mansion 2 (announced in E3 2011), Mario Kart 3D, and the one to be released in 2 days, Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 3D!! I really wanna try them, and the things built into the 3DS are awesome! Honestly though, it's worth the price, but only if you have a few games to play on it as well. I was only able to buy a game when I bought it because I've had a $40 Best Buy gift card for almost 2 years! xD

Anyways, I'll update more on this, as well as Pokemon of course~ I got PokeDex 3D and am waiting to recieve more Pokemon to learn how it works, exactly. ^^" I'll keep posted!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pokemon Card Game: How To Play DS

I don't think this is of the game itself... o3o" Again, I don't like to steal from Serebii.

Another small update here as well. A few days ago information was released for a new game for the DS. This one revolves around the Pokemon Trading Card Game. Well, I don't know if you can call it that, since it's not a full-fledged game.

Now I have to say, I loved the Pokemon TCG for the GameBoy (Color?) that came out so long ago, and it was a fave of mine. I got excited when I saw this, but not as much now. Not to say it doesn't look good, as it really does! It's just not like the old one.

Think of this as a portable rulebook/guidebook for the TCG. It teaches you all the rules so that by the end, you'll be playing like the rest of us! Great for new players, or those like me that stopped playing in 2nd Generation TCG.. o3o"

At the end of all the tutorials and lessons, I am to believe that it gives you a few trainers that you can practice your newly found skills on, and hopefully win! Honestly, I think this will be great for those who don't know the commonplace rules of the new game and only remember the old. See below for an example:

Me: Alright! I killed it! Now gimme my Prize~! >:3
Opponent: I activate my [Pokemon]'s Ability! That counters you!
Me: What happened to my Prize? ; 3 ; *sniffle* Wait, Ability? What the heck happened to PokePowers?! >8U *annoyed*
NiGHtsBeta09 is confused! It hurt itself in its confusion!

See what I mean? >3> Anyway!  If you guys were fans of it, or had an interest, I'd recommend at least trying it out! So have fun~!

See you next time in the Pokemon Hive, guys~! Everybody have a great night and day! :3 Ja~

Japanese Dream World

Hey guys! Sorry about the lack of recent updates! I've been a bit caught up with things, plus I'm kind of in a state between inspired and demotivated. Sheesh... feels like my art block all over again... >>

Anyway, I have a few updates to let you all in on, but sadly most from this post will be focused on the Japanese Dream World and/or Global Link.

If you are members of the Japan PGL, then listen up! There are a bunch of updates, downloads and new items for you guys to take advantage of! Log on to the PGL now (you may have to traverse to your own language though), and check out things like the promotions! Many have to do with the new Pokemon movies though, featuring Victini, Zekrom, and Reshiram.

Now these have a bit of variety... They range from C-Gear skins like the newly released Zekrom and Reshiram ones, all the way to those Shiny Pokemon I mentioned before and the Pokemon Cafe! Little need to say, just go check it out, ok??

PS) I would have used a screen of the C-Gear Skins, but I
couldn't find one and didn't want to steal from Serebii.

Oh, and as another update:
Eeveelutions are in! Or at least, they should be... Nintendo has been working on the problem of many people not being able to get their Eeveelutions even though they did everything they should. Within today, give or take some time, you should be able to get it! Next time you log on to the PGL (link above), go ahead and get your fox-ish friend! You deserve it~! >:3

Have fun, and always keep updated here, ok~? I'll provide everything I can!
See you next time in the Hive! :'3

Guten tag! Ja ne!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Pokemon of the Week - Luxray


Yay! Another Pokemon of the Week post! I'm surprised I've been keeping them up so diligently, honestly... o3o" Anyway, I've always liked Luxray, ever since Diamond first was released and I had one on my main team! ^^" Anyway, I just thought it looked cool and the blue and black Electric-Type was pretty unique~ So anyway, before I ramble, I hope you like the issue today! :'3 - Luxray Pokedex Entry

 Not much to say about Luxray besides the fact that he is very unique, and not only aesthetically! Luxray is different from many general Electric-Types such as Jolteon and Raikou, in that is has high Attack, lower Speed, decent bulk, and a nice movepool in offensives! With this and a lack of a strong STAB besides Spark, Luxray is generally seen as a wallbreaker rather than a sweeper like many other Electrics. Its quirks help deem it a spot in battle that others may not be able to effectively fill, so Luxray is a good Pokemon~

Base Stats:
HP - 80
Atk - 120
Def - 79
SpAtk - 95
SpDef - 79
Spd - 70

 Luxray @ Life Orb

Ability: Intimidate
EVs: 204 Atk, 156 SpAtk, 148 Spd
Nature: Naughty
- Thunderbolt
- Superpower
- Hidden Power Grass
- Crunch

This is an interesting set to say the least, especially given the low number of effective wallbreakers. This lets Luxray shine in its niche, with its diverse offensive movepool~ Thunderbolt is the general STAB that hits hard despite his better Attack stat, and can help take down opponents such as Slowbro and Tentacruel, along with all bulky Waters in general. Superpower annihilates Special walls like Blissey and the such, and can hit those Rock and Steel walls easily. Hidden Power Grass takes down Ground-Types, and Hidden Power mixed with Superpower can 2HKO Donphan and Rhyperior. If you take Hidden Power Water instead, you can beat Steelix with that combination, but lose a way to decimate Quagsire and even Swampert, depending on your tier. Finally, Crunch takes care of your general and somewhat common Uxie and Claydol, among a few others. Life Orb gives you the best boost possible, and the EVs spread out to maximize the Special Sweeping capabilities of your lustrous Luxray~

Luxray @ Rechargeable Battery
Ability: Intimidate
EVs: 64 HP, 188 Atk, 24 Def, 112 SpAtk, 24 SpDef, 96 Spd
Nature: Rash
- Thunder(bolt)
- Ice Fang
- Superpower
- Roar

Haha, I saw this set and it seemed alright, then I checked out the EV spread and thought that it was hilarious! I don't think I've ever seen such a spread out EV set, but it looked plausible, so I thought I'd post it. Thunderbolt is the main STAB here, and supplements the wallbreaking further with the other moves. Due note that the original set used Thunder instead, but Thunderbolt seemed more reliable. But with the low spread of EVs, Thunder's power is probably necessary... Anyway, Ice Fang helps by taking out many of the common Ground walls too. Superpower finishes the nice triad of moves that really helps in coverage! These three moves are actually pretty nicely workable. Lastly, Roar phazes anyone who gets too much set up in before it can be swept. Lastly, Rechargeable Battery helps in case you need to take out a Pokemon or two quicker, so go for it! this set should be amusing to use, overall~!

Ah, done~ Anyone enjoy this one actually? Like I've said before, I don't know how many dedicated readers I have here, besides one person in particular~ :'3 I always like new interested people, so let me know what you guys like or want! I respond to all comments I get, and always will~! Anyway, I hope you guys stay and be here to read on about new things. Have a nice day/night/whatever~
Ja ne~ Gute nacht~! See ya' later, all! :3

Friday, June 17, 2011

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team

Hey, guys~! Welcome to my first game recommendation/review! I hope you enjoy my review here, and hopefully feel enough to wanna try these games, if you haven't already~ I love this one especially~

The gameplay in this game was ground-breaking! For once, we play as Pokemon in a battling setting that was more similar to the mainstream series. This alone made the game a worthy try in any fans' eyes. The controls are immensely easy to learn and get used to, as I can now traverse the dungeons and change directions without even thinking about it! If the game is too slow for you, you can go and simply hold B to speed it up big time! Plus, you can set throwing items like rocks and needle, as well as one of your attacks, to a button shortcut.

Other things such as linking moves for use in a single turn, or revamped items like the mega-healing Oran Berry, and hold items like X-Ray Specs or Friend Bow, this game is just fun overall~ Oh, and before I forget: you don't catch things in this game. You recruit them to your rescue team! To do this, you simply defeat the Pokemon, and given that you have their Friend Area (the place where your recruits "live" after you get them) and enough luck, they may ask to join you. You can bring up to 4 Pokemon with you at a time, depending on their size.
Oh, and one last thing, this is a 3rd Generation game, so that means there is no Physical/Special Split. And also, every single Pokemon before Diamond and Pearl are in it (though about 5 4th Gen Pokemon have references in the game, and one may even appear in-game, but not as a recruitable).

The plot of this story is simple, but at times deep. It starts with you being given a personality test, where (depending on your answers), you are attributed to a certain given Pokemon. You have the possibility of being a Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu, Cubone, Machop, Psyduck, Eevee, Meowth, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, or Skitty. Due note: only male characters can be Cyndaquil, Machop, or Meowth, while only female characters can be Chikorita, Eevee, or Skitty. Your gender does not affect gameplay, so if you are a girl and you want a Cyndaquil, selecting "Male" will not affect your game~ (They changed the gender-only aspect in the second games)

Anyway, back to the plot! After the test, you choose your Partner Pokemon (only Starter Pokemon from the mainstream games can be Partners, like Pikachu, Bulbasaur, or Treecko), then your game begins. You wake up to find that, in fact, you are a human that was turned into a Pokemon! Awesome! But... you don't know why... Your Partner finds you unconscious, and you explain to him what you are, though (s)he thinks you weird initially. Soon you find out about the natural disasters occurring in the Pokemon World, and go off to save someone. Now, I don't want to spoil the plot after that, but you meet many interesting Pokemon in your journeys as a young Rescue Team, and near the end, the plot gets a bit thicker, and very sad at points. It is a very emotional game, and I love the game for adding in the emotion that your other Pokemon games may lack!

The best part is, after the credits roll for the main game end, there is still about twice as much story for you to do afterwards! This game never ends~! I know others will highly enjoy this too~

Oh, the music~! The musical score in this game is phenominal! The peaceful sounds of each dungeon are calming, and help you keep your cool in heated dungeons. Other than this, the overworld and town themes just sound fun and nice to hear after you return from one of the larger dungeons like Western Cave or Buried Relic. Some favorites of mine are Mt. Thunder and the Frozen Forest, among a few late-game ones. Also to note, the battle and boss theme in this game is one of the best I've ever heard, from many games and series! It's totally worth it, and fits the fight well~!


Not much more I can say about the game, but I would highly recommend it! Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team is for the Nintendo DS, while Red Rescue Team is for the GameBoy Advance. Both games only have minor differences, such as a few Pokemon that appear in only one. But never fear, it is possible to get the Red-only Pokemon games in Blue, without having to connect with someone that has Red! So pick whichever you prefer or have access to!

For those of you who want the 4th Generation Mystery Dungeon games, look into Explorers of Time, Explorers of Darkness, and Explorers of the Sky~ All equally great games that many will enjoy!

If you would like to buy or try out any of these games, you can find them for pretty good prices below here~ Have fun~ And see you soon~! :3


Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky

Monday, June 13, 2011

Pokemon of the Week - Torterra


Hallo, everyone~! :3 Today is of course another set for the Pokemon of the Week post series! This time I chose to do Torterra. I already did a favorite starter from the other Generations, and somehow I skipped around Pokemon Diamond and Pearl (4th Generation)~ ^^;; Well anyway, here is my analysis! Hope you like it, and have fun~ :'3

Torterra, the Continent Pokemon! This Pokemon has a very good defensive typing in Grass/Ground, which lets it resist Ground and Rock, so it can check many UU Tier Pokemon~ It can also use many highly offensive moves with very nice STAB boosts. And speaking of boosts, it can support itself and others with moves like Rock Polish, Synthesis, Stealth Rock, Leech Seed, Roar, and more~! That's actually pretty nice, given Torterra's one of the most predictable Pokemon in its home tier! Along with this, his moves hold great type coverage, which is always nice.

Base Stats:
Hp -  95
Atk - 109
Def - 105
Sp.Atk - 75
Sp.Def - 85
Spd - 56

Torterra @ Life Orb

Ability: Overgrow
EVs: 252 Atk, 4 Def, 252 Spd
Nature: Adamant
- Wood Hammer
- Stone Edge
- Rock Polish
- Earthquake

This is actually a nice set, overall. It is highly predictable, as the majority of all Torterra use this set in some form, but it works well. Earthquake and Wood Hammer are extremely powerful STABs that provide nice coverage together. Stone Edge completes this and offers a nice bonus by hitting more defensive things that may resist plants and quakes. Most of those bulky Water-Type walls to Torterra are taken down by barrages of Grass and Rock, and the Rock also takes care of Flyers. It helps as most good Flyers resist Ground and are sometimes 4x resistant to Wood Hammer. Rock Polish helps the miniscule Speed Stat of Torterra, and coupled with his awesome attack, it makes him a nice threat, especially in late game. Life Orb boosts this further, maximizing the Attack Stat. Optionally, Seed Bomb can be used over Wood Hammer if you dislike the recoil, but Seed Bomb can't secure the OHKOs that Wood Hammer gives you against enemies like Milotic, Slowbro, and Claydol. Have fun with this~

Torterra @ Leftovers

Ability: Shell Armor
EVs: 4 HP, 252 Atk, 252 Spd
Nature: Adamant
- Leech Seed/Stealth Rock
- Rock Slide/Roar
- Wood Hammer
- Earthquake

This is a set that I modified from the Smogon forums. The Dream Ability Shell Armor helps in taking out the chance of critical hits, which is awesome~ Leftovers and Leech Seed help with recovery, and works pretty nicely~ Wood Hammer and Earthquake are again the standard STABs for Torterra, and again you can sub in a Seed Bomb instead. Rock Slide hits 4 weaknesses, and disables the need for switching out. Stealth Rock is another option, and works well with Roar, which all helps the teams as well as making Torterra do more than eat attacks coming at it. I'm not sure what else to say here, but I like the set, for a 5th Gen choice... Well, maybe someone will find this Torterra analysis/moveset worthwhile! :3

And that's it! Pokemon of the Week, number... meh... too lazy the check~ Either way, I hope these help at least one person out there, then I will feel accomplished! *lame cliche proud feeling* Anywho, I hope to see you all later~! Keep in touch~!

Battle on! Guten tag~ And ja ne~ :'3

Friday, June 10, 2011

New Pokemon Game!

Super Pokemon Scramble!!
Hey, everyone! I got big news! Following the recent update of the new Pokemon game, Pokedex 3D, there is now confirmations of a second new Pokemon game, also for the 3DS! Released info leaked by 2ch and caught by Serebii again, so credit goes where credit is due.

This new game is named/dubbed Super Pokemon Scramble, and is the supposed sequel or follow-up to the popular title for WiiWare, Pokemon Rumble~!

For those of you who don't know, Pokemon Rumble is a kind of top-down view Pokemon game where you control one Pokemon at a time, and it gets up to 2 attacks to choose from~ You take these Pokemon through wild areas (sometimes battle arenas) and actually control the Pokemon's movement as you attack and defeat enemy Pokemon~! Overall there isn't a whole lot mor to explain, to keep it simple. But in short, I'd really recommend this game! :3

Anywho, Super Pokemon Scramble has the same mechanics as Pokemon Rumble, and shares many similarities. Besides the obvious difference from console to handheld, there are a few other changes. First of which, Super Pokemon Scramble also holds the ability to use and find the new 5th Generation Pokemon, just like any other. Also, the game orbits around its usual single player mode, but also offers you a 2-Player Co-Op Mode as well, so to speak~ This alone can add replayability and a lot more fun to the game! That, by the way, is local play. As Serebii states, there is currently no information about any WiFi modes, though as it is from Nintendo, it is highly possible that one will be implemented in~ ^^"

So as of now, there isn't much else to talk about this, but I will try and give you guys more information as I find it, ok? I hope you all stay tuned, and return to the sanctuary of the Hive!

Catch you all next time! (not a Pokemon pun) Guten tag~! Ja ne~! :3

Monday, June 6, 2011

Pokemon of the Week - Lucario


Hallo there, creatures of the Hive! :3 Welcome to another issue of the Pokemon of the Week! I write this as I listen to Pokemon Stadium music, to get motivated to provide you with epic information~! I hope you like this issue, and continue to read on. This one will be about (obviously) Lucario, one of the most well-known Pokemon with the release of 4th Generation and the Lucario and the Mystery of Mew movie! Anyways, I hope you like my writings~ :3

Here we are! The Aura Pokemon, Lucario~! This Pokemon has been revered for a while, and instantly became one of the most popular Pokemon of the entire series! o3o" He even starred in his own movie as an Aura Warrior alongside Mew and Sir Aaron, in Lucario and the Mystery of Mew! *sigh* I remember when a lot of people kept asking if Lucario was a Legendary Pokemon just because of his role and importance~ |'3 Well either way, Lucario is a great fighter in the game, with both attacking stats being very high and having a unique dual type in Fighting/Steel~ Being able to take on quite a number of roles, he can be a beast in the OU and Uber metagames when played right!

Base Stats:
Hp -  70
Atk - 110
Def - 70
Sp.Atk - 115
Sp.Def - 70
Spd - 90

Lucario @ Life Orb

Ability: Inner Focus
EVs: 252 Atk, 4 SpDef, 252 Spd
Nature: Adamant
- Swords Dance
- ExtremeSpeed
- Close Combat
- Bullet Punch

I personally like a Physical Lucario over a Special one, myself. Plus, this set can be devastating if executed well enough! The Life Orb and EV placement, along with Adamant Nature, is set so as to give Lucario a maximum attacking power to take down bulky Steels and other troublesome opponents. Swords Dance is the main attack here, as after one Swords Dance, Lucario can OHKO some of the OU's biggest threats, including Skarmory, Bronzong, Tyranitar, and more! ExtremeSpeed is mainly there for a very powerful priority move that hits many, MANY Pokemon very hard, as long as they aren't resistant! Close Combat is another of the main points of this set, as it is what lets Lucario OHKO even a Skarmory, one of the most notorious Physical Walls in the game! Finally, I chose Bullet Punch as another good priority move with STAB that can hit any fast Pokemon that resists ExtremeSpeed, such as Gengar and Tyranitar. With nice coverage against the most overused of the OverUsed, Lucario is truly a powerhouse in the game~!

Lucario @ Focus Sash

Ability: Inner Focus
EVs: 252 Atk, 4 SpDef, 252 Spd
Nature: Adamant
- ExtremeSpeed
- Close Combat
- Payback
- Ice Punch

This set works very similarly as the first set, but this one is designed for Uber (Legendary Tier) play. this Lucario is an Attacking Lead, and counters many of the top leads of the Uber metagame. Thanks to the Focus Sash, many leads that will usually kill Lucario will need to hit it twice, which helps greatly as some leads can be 2HKOed by ExtremeSpeed, such as breaking Deoxys-A's Focus Sash and possibly KOing it, if you get lucky! Close Combat is again one of Lucario's best attacking moves with great STAB, and works to take down enemy lead Tyranitar, Kyogre, and Dialga! Payback is important for defeating lead Deoxys-S, where Payback can knock them into a KO with an ExtremeSpeed afterwards, causing only one entry hazard to be lain down~! Ice Punch helps against lead Shaymin-S, which cannot flinch you, and follows with a KO! It also kills enemy Rayquaza that don't have a Focus Sash~ Of course, as it is an Uber metagame, there are many things to watch out for... Good luck~ :3

And there you have it~ My Pokemon of the Week entry for this week! I hope you all enjoyed it, as it is also my first non-Uber entry with an Uber moveset! 8'3 I'm so proud... Anyway! Stay tuned in to the Hive, and I'll chat with you all next time~! Until then~

Battle on! Guten tag, und ja ne! :3

Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Japanese WiFi Event!!

Hey, guys! Just a few hours after its information release, I give you (hehe... almost wrote "I hive you"~) a new Pokemon Event for Pokemon Black and Pokemon White!

In this Japan-only event, which will hopefully come to us in the US, EU, AU, ect. someday, there is a new Pokemon giveaway! I do believe this might even be the first version-specific event~! Yes, that means those of you who own only Black OR White will get a different Pokemon than each other~! And as usual those that were able to dish out a rounded $80 USD for both will get...err...both~!

So, for the unveiling of these Pokemon!

Owners of Pokemon Black (heehee~~) will get access to a Shiny Hydreigon! I liked this for the fact that I love all the new Dragons without a Flying-Type to screw them! X3 In other words: Hydreigon, Zekrom, and Kyurem! And I guess Reshiram, of course~ Plus, I have always been a fan of the Hydra beast! >:3

ANYWAY! Those of you with Zekrom's Pokemon White version will get a Shiny Golurk! I like this choice for 2 main reasons: the idea of a Ground/Ghost Type Pokemon was epicly awesome (don't you just love the new new typings this Gen?), and that I've always liked golems~ *wide grin*

 So, not much else to say here, except that these two Pokemon are based off of Pokemon of characters that appear indigenous to the duo of new Pokemon movies that feature Victini and either Reshiram or Zekrom! (You should be able to guess from what version of the game and movie they are from, since they correspond)

Oh, and before I forget, this event lasts in Japan from June 17th to July 7th, unless announced later otherwise. So get them while you can~! :3

As usual, for any information more that you would like, or anything about this event in general, visit Serebii, Smogon University, Cave of Dragonflies, they're all good! Haha~

So have a good night, as I am beat! I need some rest after today... I will see you all later, und gute nacht! Ja ne! See you later in the Hive~! :'3

Pokemon Pokedex

Pokedex 3D
Pokemon Pokedex of the new Nintendo handheld system!! 
Hey, guys! I'm here with another update! This one won't be as big as my normal ones, probably, as compared to other sites such as Serebii, I'm probably more or less late... >> Well regardless of that, I am here to present you with new of a new Pokemon game! It's like the usual Pokemon Pokedex that you see in every game, but it has more... functionality, I guess you can say?

This game gives us a semi-interactive Pokedex (I would assume so from screenshots that Serebii has conveniently and awesomely been providing us with as the information has been released) that lets us view the entire Unova Pokedex. New Pokemon given to us in the new Pokemon Black and Pokemon White games are displayed here using the 3DS's console-style 3D platforming software, and shows us what it's really made of!

The purpose of this game is to give us fully detailed Pokdex entries of the new Pokemon. I would hope these are more like Serebii and Dexter kind of entries, not the typically small Pokedex in-game entries. Anyway, it is mostly used to find out about these Pokemon, and help with training them within the new games. Personally, I think this can be really useful! And fun to see some Pokemon in 3D display~ |'3 (still waiting for a Pokemon Battle Revolution game with updates in the Pokemon) What? Those games are fun to play! X3

For access, the Pokemon can be gotten through various methods, as the site states. They can be gotten with QR codes, downloaded from SpotPass locations, or downloaded when connecting to "Street Pass"-active players. The game also has a feature known as the Augmented Reality feature, which if I am to correctly believe, is substantial in how far gaming has come today! If my guess is correct, this uses actual cards that you place on a surface such as a desk (the 3DS connects to these, I guess...) and uses the 3DS's camera to display it as if the Pokemon were there on the desk/cards! This is on the screen, of course, so no holograms included...~ *sigh* Maybe next time~ ;3

Anyway, for more information, you can check Serebii's Pokdex 3D page for more information, if I missed any here!

Have a great day, a good night, and I'll see you all later! Gute nacht! Ja ne! See ya' back in the Hive~!