Monday, June 20, 2011

Pokemon of the Week - Luxray


Yay! Another Pokemon of the Week post! I'm surprised I've been keeping them up so diligently, honestly... o3o" Anyway, I've always liked Luxray, ever since Diamond first was released and I had one on my main team! ^^" Anyway, I just thought it looked cool and the blue and black Electric-Type was pretty unique~ So anyway, before I ramble, I hope you like the issue today! :'3 - Luxray Pokedex Entry

 Not much to say about Luxray besides the fact that he is very unique, and not only aesthetically! Luxray is different from many general Electric-Types such as Jolteon and Raikou, in that is has high Attack, lower Speed, decent bulk, and a nice movepool in offensives! With this and a lack of a strong STAB besides Spark, Luxray is generally seen as a wallbreaker rather than a sweeper like many other Electrics. Its quirks help deem it a spot in battle that others may not be able to effectively fill, so Luxray is a good Pokemon~

Base Stats:
HP - 80
Atk - 120
Def - 79
SpAtk - 95
SpDef - 79
Spd - 70

 Luxray @ Life Orb

Ability: Intimidate
EVs: 204 Atk, 156 SpAtk, 148 Spd
Nature: Naughty
- Thunderbolt
- Superpower
- Hidden Power Grass
- Crunch

This is an interesting set to say the least, especially given the low number of effective wallbreakers. This lets Luxray shine in its niche, with its diverse offensive movepool~ Thunderbolt is the general STAB that hits hard despite his better Attack stat, and can help take down opponents such as Slowbro and Tentacruel, along with all bulky Waters in general. Superpower annihilates Special walls like Blissey and the such, and can hit those Rock and Steel walls easily. Hidden Power Grass takes down Ground-Types, and Hidden Power mixed with Superpower can 2HKO Donphan and Rhyperior. If you take Hidden Power Water instead, you can beat Steelix with that combination, but lose a way to decimate Quagsire and even Swampert, depending on your tier. Finally, Crunch takes care of your general and somewhat common Uxie and Claydol, among a few others. Life Orb gives you the best boost possible, and the EVs spread out to maximize the Special Sweeping capabilities of your lustrous Luxray~

Luxray @ Rechargeable Battery
Ability: Intimidate
EVs: 64 HP, 188 Atk, 24 Def, 112 SpAtk, 24 SpDef, 96 Spd
Nature: Rash
- Thunder(bolt)
- Ice Fang
- Superpower
- Roar

Haha, I saw this set and it seemed alright, then I checked out the EV spread and thought that it was hilarious! I don't think I've ever seen such a spread out EV set, but it looked plausible, so I thought I'd post it. Thunderbolt is the main STAB here, and supplements the wallbreaking further with the other moves. Due note that the original set used Thunder instead, but Thunderbolt seemed more reliable. But with the low spread of EVs, Thunder's power is probably necessary... Anyway, Ice Fang helps by taking out many of the common Ground walls too. Superpower finishes the nice triad of moves that really helps in coverage! These three moves are actually pretty nicely workable. Lastly, Roar phazes anyone who gets too much set up in before it can be swept. Lastly, Rechargeable Battery helps in case you need to take out a Pokemon or two quicker, so go for it! this set should be amusing to use, overall~!

Ah, done~ Anyone enjoy this one actually? Like I've said before, I don't know how many dedicated readers I have here, besides one person in particular~ :'3 I always like new interested people, so let me know what you guys like or want! I respond to all comments I get, and always will~! Anyway, I hope you guys stay and be here to read on about new things. Have a nice day/night/whatever~
Ja ne~ Gute nacht~! See ya' later, all! :3


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