Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pokemon Card Game: How To Play DS

I don't think this is of the game itself... o3o" Again, I don't like to steal from Serebii.

Another small update here as well. A few days ago information was released for a new game for the DS. This one revolves around the Pokemon Trading Card Game. Well, I don't know if you can call it that, since it's not a full-fledged game.

Now I have to say, I loved the Pokemon TCG for the GameBoy (Color?) that came out so long ago, and it was a fave of mine. I got excited when I saw this, but not as much now. Not to say it doesn't look good, as it really does! It's just not like the old one.

Think of this as a portable rulebook/guidebook for the TCG. It teaches you all the rules so that by the end, you'll be playing like the rest of us! Great for new players, or those like me that stopped playing in 2nd Generation TCG.. o3o"

At the end of all the tutorials and lessons, I am to believe that it gives you a few trainers that you can practice your newly found skills on, and hopefully win! Honestly, I think this will be great for those who don't know the commonplace rules of the new game and only remember the old. See below for an example:

Me: Alright! I killed it! Now gimme my Prize~! >:3
Opponent: I activate my [Pokemon]'s Ability! That counters you!
Me: What happened to my Prize? ; 3 ; *sniffle* Wait, Ability? What the heck happened to PokePowers?! >8U *annoyed*
NiGHtsBeta09 is confused! It hurt itself in its confusion!

See what I mean? >3> Anyway!  If you guys were fans of it, or had an interest, I'd recommend at least trying it out! So have fun~!

See you next time in the Pokemon Hive, guys~! Everybody have a great night and day! :3 Ja~


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