Friday, June 10, 2011

New Pokemon Game!

Super Pokemon Scramble!!
Hey, everyone! I got big news! Following the recent update of the new Pokemon game, Pokedex 3D, there is now confirmations of a second new Pokemon game, also for the 3DS! Released info leaked by 2ch and caught by Serebii again, so credit goes where credit is due.

This new game is named/dubbed Super Pokemon Scramble, and is the supposed sequel or follow-up to the popular title for WiiWare, Pokemon Rumble~!

For those of you who don't know, Pokemon Rumble is a kind of top-down view Pokemon game where you control one Pokemon at a time, and it gets up to 2 attacks to choose from~ You take these Pokemon through wild areas (sometimes battle arenas) and actually control the Pokemon's movement as you attack and defeat enemy Pokemon~! Overall there isn't a whole lot mor to explain, to keep it simple. But in short, I'd really recommend this game! :3

Anywho, Super Pokemon Scramble has the same mechanics as Pokemon Rumble, and shares many similarities. Besides the obvious difference from console to handheld, there are a few other changes. First of which, Super Pokemon Scramble also holds the ability to use and find the new 5th Generation Pokemon, just like any other. Also, the game orbits around its usual single player mode, but also offers you a 2-Player Co-Op Mode as well, so to speak~ This alone can add replayability and a lot more fun to the game! That, by the way, is local play. As Serebii states, there is currently no information about any WiFi modes, though as it is from Nintendo, it is highly possible that one will be implemented in~ ^^"

So as of now, there isn't much else to talk about this, but I will try and give you guys more information as I find it, ok? I hope you all stay tuned, and return to the sanctuary of the Hive!

Catch you all next time! (not a Pokemon pun) Guten tag~! Ja ne~! :3


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