Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pokemon Pokedex

Pokedex 3D
Pokemon Pokedex of the new Nintendo handheld system!! 
Hey, guys! I'm here with another update! This one won't be as big as my normal ones, probably, as compared to other sites such as Serebii, I'm probably more or less late... >> Well regardless of that, I am here to present you with new of a new Pokemon game! It's like the usual Pokemon Pokedex that you see in every game, but it has more... functionality, I guess you can say?

This game gives us a semi-interactive Pokedex (I would assume so from screenshots that Serebii has conveniently and awesomely been providing us with as the information has been released) that lets us view the entire Unova Pokedex. New Pokemon given to us in the new Pokemon Black and Pokemon White games are displayed here using the 3DS's console-style 3D platforming software, and shows us what it's really made of!

The purpose of this game is to give us fully detailed Pokdex entries of the new Pokemon. I would hope these are more like Serebii and Dexter kind of entries, not the typically small Pokedex in-game entries. Anyway, it is mostly used to find out about these Pokemon, and help with training them within the new games. Personally, I think this can be really useful! And fun to see some Pokemon in 3D display~ |'3 (still waiting for a Pokemon Battle Revolution game with updates in the Pokemon) What? Those games are fun to play! X3

For access, the Pokemon can be gotten through various methods, as the site states. They can be gotten with QR codes, downloaded from SpotPass locations, or downloaded when connecting to "Street Pass"-active players. The game also has a feature known as the Augmented Reality feature, which if I am to correctly believe, is substantial in how far gaming has come today! If my guess is correct, this uses actual cards that you place on a surface such as a desk (the 3DS connects to these, I guess...) and uses the 3DS's camera to display it as if the Pokemon were there on the desk/cards! This is on the screen, of course, so no holograms included...~ *sigh* Maybe next time~ ;3

Anyway, for more information, you can check Serebii's Pokdex 3D page for more information, if I missed any here!

Have a great day, a good night, and I'll see you all later! Gute nacht! Ja ne! See ya' back in the Hive~!


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