Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Japanese Dream World

Hey guys! Sorry about the lack of recent updates! I've been a bit caught up with things, plus I'm kind of in a state between inspired and demotivated. Sheesh... feels like my art block all over again... >>

Anyway, I have a few updates to let you all in on, but sadly most from this post will be focused on the Japanese Dream World and/or Global Link.

If you are members of the Japan PGL, then listen up! There are a bunch of updates, downloads and new items for you guys to take advantage of! Log on to the PGL now (you may have to traverse to your own language though), and check out things like the promotions! Many have to do with the new Pokemon movies though, featuring Victini, Zekrom, and Reshiram.

Now these have a bit of variety... They range from C-Gear skins like the newly released Zekrom and Reshiram ones, all the way to those Shiny Pokemon I mentioned before and the Pokemon Cafe! Little need to say, just go check it out, ok??

PS) I would have used a screen of the C-Gear Skins, but I
couldn't find one and didn't want to steal from Serebii.

Oh, and as another update:
Eeveelutions are in! Or at least, they should be... Nintendo has been working on the problem of many people not being able to get their Eeveelutions even though they did everything they should. Within today, give or take some time, you should be able to get it! Next time you log on to the PGL (link above), go ahead and get your fox-ish friend! You deserve it~! >:3

Have fun, and always keep updated here, ok~? I'll provide everything I can!
See you next time in the Hive! :'3

Guten tag! Ja ne!


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