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Pokedex 3D: How to Obtain New Pokemon

Pokedex 3D
Nintendo 3DS

Hey guys! Welcome to my latest post in the Pokemon Hive! The bugs bein' nice to ya'~? Anyway, I know a few people are confused about how to get new Pokemon in the free game Pokedex 3D for the 3DS. Well today, I will explain a number of thing. First, for those who barely received their 3DS or haven't downloaded the Pokedex 3D game yet, I will explain how to do so. Then I will go into the number of ways you can get brand new Pokemon! Here we go~

 Getting Pokedex 3D
When you start off, your 3DS will normally be missing a few things, such as even the Nintendo eShop (the 3DS equivalent of the Wii Shop Channel). In the package for the 3DS there will be a lot of documentation, and in there is a fold-out instruction sheet labeled something like "Set-Up Guide." Follow the steps in there to start up your handheld, and connect it to the internet if you have WiFi (Note: An Internet Connection is necessary for most of the  things in this guide, btw...). After that, perform a System Update (just like the Wii, this can be found in the Settings), and you will get the Nintendo eShop on the 3DS's Main Menu.

Finally, go into the Nintendo eShop. Scroll along their list and you will easily find Pokedex 3D, which absolutely free to download! Follow the instructions there and congratz! You have Pokedex 3D~! When you start off, you will have a free 16 different Pokemon~

Obtaining New Pokemon
A photo of my AR-scanned Gigalith~ Awesome~!
First is the easiest and most efficient method, but possibly the only method. If you don't know anyone else (explained later) with the 3DS and game, you must rely on this method. Every day, rolling over at 12am midnight (though for some reason it happens around 10pm for me), you will see a dot next to the Pokedex 3D menu icon. This means you have received a new Pokemon's data! Enter the game and it will ask you if you want to download it, so choose "Yes." After that, exit the game or press the Home button on the 3DS, then re-enter the game. In the top right, it will say you have another new Pokemon, so tap it and select "Yes" like before. Finally, repeat that one more time for your 3rd and final Pokemon of the day~! And there you have it, 3 brand new additions to your game~

A couple notes here. You can only get 3 Pokemon total per day, no more. If you choose "No" to downloading it, it will ask again after 30 minutes. Also, these 3 Pokemon will always be ones that you don't already have, so don't worry~ Oh, and finally: you may have to go into Options and turn Spotpass on for this to work, but I think it asks you when you start up your game, as well.

Trade with Friends
Ok, it's Pokemon. Did you really not see this coming? As usual, you have the ability to "trade" Pokemon with your friends, and some Pokemon will actually require this to be obtained. If I am correct, each game has a unique "set" of Pokemon that cannot be gotten in your game (think of them as Version-Specifics). These must be traded with other to get yourself. I think these mostly include the Pokemon with different forms, like Frillish and Deerling.

Anyway, what you do is select the Pokemon in your Pokedex that you wish to trade over, then go to the Options on that page. Next, you'll want to select "Give" to send the data (you don't lose anything). Your friend will want to choose "Get" and will receive the Pokemon that you just sent~ Now you can do this back and forth for whatever Pokemon you each need!

Note: This must be done in local~! You cannot trade over WiFi~! (I noticed other guides weren't noting this...)

AR Stickers
This isn't necessarily a way to obtain new Pokemon, but a way to complete the game fully. Every time you get a Pokemon, you will see a little black and white square symbol on its page. This is their AR Marker. When you scan these with the AR Viewer (found in the Options again), you will register it in the Sticker Book (same place). If you have the Pokemon already when you scan a marker, you will see it pop out into reality! If you've played the AR Games on the 3DS by now, you'll know what I mean... Anyway, this will register the Marker as a full Sticker, and the Sticker Book will put the Pokemon's image over the Marker~ When the Pokemon pops out of the Marker you scanned, if you take a picture of it, it will register the Pokemon's Photo Sticker as well~ So each Pokemon has both a Pokemon Sticker and a Photo Sticker. Think of this as your Pokedex or collection, per say. So get on collecting! It won't be easy!

Oh, before I forget to mention! If there are Pokemon that you have scanned the AR Marker for but don't appear in your Dex already (they won't pop out of the Marker like others do), then those Pokemon have a higher chance of being one of your 3 new Pokemon in Spotpass! Use this to influence who you get! I got Volcarona, Krookodile, and Cubchoo in one day~

Well, that's all I have for this issue/post/whatever. I hope you guys enjoyed it and found it useful~ So stay tuned as usual, and see you next time!

Guten tag~ Ja ne~ :3


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