Thursday, July 28, 2011

Let's Play Pokemon White

Hey, guys! :3 I know it's been a few days since my last update, and I really don't like that (been really busy with other things... Specifically what I'm about to talk about). But anyway, I decided to bring in something with "extra content" for you all today! I hope you like this, so enjoy~
Starting today, I am officially a YouTube LPer! For those of you who don't know what an LPer is, it is a person who, through videos (that usually have live or post commentary of some sort), create episodes of themselves playing through an entire game! These usually are very informative about the game, as well as often funny~ If you're interested, I highly recommend you check out the YouTube Channels of NintendoCapriSun, chuggaaconroy, and lucahjin!

As of today, I have began to upload my own LP. My first Project is my informational and comedic run-through of Pokemon White Version. I will be showing much of the game, and I hope that you guys come to watch, and enjoy the work I do! :3

To reach my first video or my YouTube Channel, you can use the links below to find them! Please comment, rate, and subscribe if you like my work! I will be working daily to provide episodes along with better quality each time! Have a good day~~

Monday, July 25, 2011

Pokemon of the Week - Sigilyph


Hey, guys! Hope your day and summer is going great so far! I know mine is, and I just officially got my first college classes the other day! Anyway, ramblings aside... Welcome! This is my next Pokemon of the Week~ I thought about who to do and... I got a little idea. I'm gonna go off the wall and recommend movesets for friendly battling~! I know this is mostly a competitive kind of analysis, but many of my friends (who are hopefully the most common readers of my posts) do not contend in competitive battling, so I chose to give something mainly for them~ :3 Plus, Sigilyph does well in-game, and in competitive with lots of usable niches~! - Sigilyph Pokedex Entry

Sigilyph is an ancient Pokemon who used to guard an ancient city of old. It is said that it will continue to fly the same path without change, as its memories of guarding the long-torn city still remain vigilant in its mind. Behaviors aside, this is a very nice Pokemon! I never thought too much into it, but it's true~ While its defenses at 72/80/80 are a bit shaky at best, its Special Attack is very respectable at 103~ Plus, a 97 Base Speed is by no means horrid. Other than that, it has a nice typing that, even with an assortment of weaknesses, it hits a lot of Pokemon very hard! Plus its movepool is pretty good, and it's extremely useful for in-game purposes!

Base Stats:
HP - 72
Atk - 58
Def - 80
SpAtk - 103
SpDef - 80
Spd - 97


Sigilyph @ Flame Orb/Toxic Orb

Ability: Magic Guard
EVs: 4 HP, 252 SpAtk, 252 Spd
Nature: Modest/Timid
- Psychic/Psyshock
- Air Slash
- Charge Beam/Shadow Ball
- Ice Beam/Energy Ball/Shadow Ball

This is my own idea for a set, and I think it would work out pretty nicely~ The Nature and EVs shouldn't have to be explained here (look at its Base Stats!), I would hope. Psychic and Psyshock are your STAB moves of choice here, and if you don't mind the slightly lower-powered attack to be able to hit a Pokemon with low Defense~ Air Slash complements this nicely as a STAB and allows you to hit Darks and Bugs, the latter for super-effective damage. Next, I would choose between Charge Beam or Shadow Ball. Charge Beam allows you to hit Steels that wall your other attacks, as well as potentially getting a boost to your already good Special Attack! Shadow Ball is more powerful with nice complements, but you lose the ability to hit Steels hard enough. For the last slot, Ice Beam, Energy Ball, and Shadow Ball (if you didn't choose it before) are prime choice, depending on what you may need coverage on. Finally, Sigilyph gets Magic Guard, which is one of the best abilities in the game! It makes all Weather and indirect-damage moves do zero damage to Sigilyph! This helps it defend from a lot of things that normally cripple it, and allow for a sneaky yet useful strategy, even if used on a weather team. Holding a Flame Orb makes it so that any contact attack will have a chance to burn (and thus cripple) your opponent! And if you don't fear physical attack, who cares? Use a Toxic Orb, which badly poisons (more damage each turn) the enemy! I like the idea of this strategy, honestly~

Other Option:
I chose that set above since many people who don't go into competitive battling rarely use stat/non-damaging moves except for a few of them, and Sigilyph can access quite a few, some that help it and the team~ Sigilyph can provide Dual Screen support, which even helps itself due to its mediocre to low defensive stats which are also aided within Roost. Have a slow team? You can even use Tailwind to speed you all up! Great for teams like mine (I have Emboar, Gigalith, Beartic, and Haxorus, though Haxorus isn't that slow). Or even Gravity if you have a lot of Earthquake users and don't want anyone to avoid your strategy. Finally, if your team calls for it, Sigilyph can even be a set-up Pokemon for Rain Dance and/or Trick Room! Sheesh... I'm starting to like this guy even more! xD

So, whatcha thinkin'~? I know it may not be what everyone is looking mostly for, but I hope this can be of use to people who don't have much need for my usual PotW entries. As I said, if I can make one person happy with my info or anything, that would make my day!

So I hope to see you all again soon! And please comment... I would love to hear from readers, truly~

Good night! Guten tag! Ja oyasumi! :3 NiGHtsBeta09, signing out~

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Double Info Post!

Hey guys, not much to update on today, but I have some smaller information for you. I'll still be posting my PotW tomorrow, though~


First of all, I got my laptop back up and working! Seriously, if the HD crashes again.... =.= Anyway, I got it back to my posts will be up more, and I will try and provide quality entertainment/knowledge for you all again~! :3 (How many... of you are there...?)

There shouldn't be much else to keep me back, so I'll try and keep it fresh. Do comment if you can, since it's hard to think up topics a lot of times, so I could use the requests well~! Thanks~!


Secondly, I will soon be starting a Let's Play! Check out chuggaaconroy, NintendoCapriSun, JoshJepson, or Lucahjin on YouTube if you don't know what it is. Even if you do, I still highly recommend watching their videos!

Anyway, Mine will be a Pokemon LP, so keep tuned into my new channel on YouTube, ok~?

BetaNights's YouTube Channel


So I'll catch you all tomorrow for the beginning of my bigger posts now, ok? Have fun!

Ja~ Guten tag~

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pokemon of the Week - Froslass

Hallo, und guten tag! (Hello, and good day!) I'd like to welcome my fellow Hive Inhabitants (should really get an "official" name for that...) to my latest Pokemon of the Week! Again, I had my best friend help me choose my Pokemon, though she didn't know how she did it this time~ I asked random questions and picked Froslass~! So anywho, I hope you all enjoy my work~ - Froslass Pokedex Entry

I'm not the biggest fan of entry hazards such as Spikes or Stealth Rock, but I have to say using Froslass is one of my favorite users/leads of it. One reason is though its weaknesses are common, its Ghost typing helps it set up Spikes and block Rapid Spin very successfully almost every time, if played right! And unlike some Spikes leads, it also can stop set-ups with Taunt, and is faster than other Pokemon of the same use like Skarmory or Forretress. Its Ghost-Type also allows it to work the same use in Uber, and pretty effectively at that! I hope to see this Pokemon get a nice revamp soon~

Base Stats:
HP - 70
Atk - 80
Def - 70
SpAtk - 80
SpDef - 70
Spd - 110


Froslass @ Focus Sash

Ability: Snow Cloak
EVs: 252 SpAtk, 4 SpDef, 252 Spd
Nature: Timid
- Spikes
- Taunt
- Ice Beam
- Destiny Bond

This is actually a pretty fun set to use, honestly~ I know it's from Smogon, but I like this one! I used it on one of my teams, and once I got better with prediction, I was able to set it up against most leads fairly efficiently! The Nature and Focus Sash help to guarantee a safe spot if you make a mistake or your prediction fails. The goal here is to lay down as many layers of Spikes as you can manage, and do it effectively. If you know your opponent can Taunt you, use your Speed to Taunt it first so it doesn't cripple your strategy. Ice Beam is the typical STAB to take down some Pokemon that will go against you. Despite her low Special Attack, it can pull of a OHKO or 2HKO on certain Pokemon with the listed spread. Lastly, the move that adds some flair to this set: Destiny Bond. It may take a little strategy and timing to do, but with the Focus Sash, you are guaranteed at least one layer of Spikes, then a KO of what can be one of your opponent's most-needed ones! If you play right, you can cripple them~ And one good thing I've found about Froslass is that even if it faints, it's usually not a major loss to your team, overall~ Plus, on Hail Teams, Snow Cloak will help obliterate opponents if you're lucky with evasion hax! Have fun with this~

5th Generation

What is pretty interesting about Frolass is that in 5th Generation, it got very few new things, but adapted to the game pretty well nonetheless. In fact, the above set works just as well in the new metagame as before, with a few differences.

First, an EV spread of 160 HP, 98 Def, 252 Spd works nicely, as you can still outspeed and work against your possible counters. The HP and Defense points allow you to survive a wall's attacks to get more Spikes in, or whatever you need, from particularly hard-hitting walls.

Lastly, the move Ice Beam can be kept, or you can use Shadow Ball if you need that STAB more, as it's still reliable. Another option (mostly due to the power that Froslass lacks) is Icy Wind, which can slow your enemy, making it easier to set up and run off.

Now enter this new, more powerful metagame, and play~!

Hehe, how do you guys like this one? I love writing about the lesser-known or -used Pokemon that can still hold their own in the right hands.

Again, I'm waiting for my lapop to return from repair, so sorry for the day-late PotW! Hope I'm not being hated... Yeah right, I rarely get comments, and I dunno who even reads these... I just hope I can help someone with these, and maybe make Pokemon a funner place for everyone to play in!

Anyway, have a good day! Ja ne~! :3

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pokemon Battles

Hey, everyone! Sorry for not updating... It feels weird, but not much I can do about it with my current situation. I finally received the shipping box for my laptop and it's on the way to Toshiba now.

So, on a lighter note, I wanna join the Pokemon Battling Metagame again~! If anyone here wants to battle me, just ask me and provide the following details:

  1. Which game you wish to battle me in (I have nearly every Pokemon game, so don't feel too limited by anything besides WiFi).
  2. Your Friend Code for said game. I will provide mine after you message/comment to me, as I don't want to just list up all my Friend Codes at once~
  3. Any "rules" or "requests" that you would like, such as no Ubers (Legendaries), a certain Tier, limits, or whatever else you may want. See Note below for expanse.

Anyway, I generally don't run Uber or Legends in my team except in special conditions (Lugia in SoulSilver, I like that guy too much~). I will let you knowif I do, and will change if you wish it to be purely non-Uber.

Note: I also run both competitive and friendly play teams. By these I mean "competitive" is the general Pokemon that are fully EV-trained, well-thought-out movesets, and made for actual hardcore battles. "Friendly play" is more of a friend-to-friend combat arena, where I battle using Pokemon such as those I used during the game itself, and aren't EV-trained or bred for specific things. Deepest I go for them is simply finding specific Natures, but not always.

So as before, if anyone would like to battle me, just give me your information from before, and I will respond with my Friend Code and we can work it out from there~ Hope to hear from you all soon!

Good day~ Ja ne~ Guten tag~ :3 Until next time!

PS) It wouldn't let me add another image for some reason, but Platinum, Black, and White are included as well~! |3

Monday, July 11, 2011

Pokemon of the Week - Tauros



Hey, guys! Here's the usual Pokemon of the Week post~! This time I chose Tauros, as I wanted a First Generation Pokemon and he is one of my favorites! Beyond computer trouble, not much else to say. I hope you guys all have fun, as usual~! :3 - Tauros Pokedex Entry

Tauros~ The Bull Pokemon~ Represented by the astrological sign Taurus~ 30 of which caught by Ash at once~! Jeez... This Pokemon has some nice history and recognition! Back in RBY (1st Gen), Tauros was the alpha, the king of the herd. Yet while everyone was given new toys to play with among the next four generations, Tauros got little to none, and the things he did get weren't the best. He does have two epic abilities in Intimidate and Anger Point! Intimidate is the well-known one (Salamence? Gyarados, anyone?), and Anger Point is situational but devastating! If a critical hit is landed on Tauros, his Attack is raised by +6! That's around 3 to 4 times its normal Attack~! After that, little can stand in his way~ Couple these with nice attacks and you have a viable Pokemon, yet it's sadly outclassed outside of NU or UU battle.

Base Stats:
HP - 75
Atk - 100
Def - 95
SpAtk - 40
SpDef - 70
Spd - 110


Tauros @ Choice Band

Ability: Intimidate
EVs: 4 HP, 252 Atk, 252 Spd
Nature: Adamant
- Double-Edge
- Payback/Pursuit
- Stone Edge
- Earthquake

Let me make this clear now. I've never been much of a fan of Choice Items. I mean, you're stuck on one attack, and if they bring in a full counter to the attack, then they get a free switch out of you if you don't have a counter to it. I prefer flexibility. But anyway, with this set, even I have to admit, Choice Band works better than Life Orb with these attacks. Double-Edge with Life Orb recoil spells death for this bullish beast, and Choice Band with Adamant lets him 2HKO bulky Pokemon like Slowbro, Articuno, some Moltres, and more. Payback and Pursuit are preference, and I see both as fitting options. Payback can kill most Ghosts that switch in, OHKOing most. Or you can bring him in on a Ghost and Pursuit when it flees. But note, without entry hazard support, healthy Ghosts can survive if they stay in. Stone Edge takes down Fliers and Ice-Types, even defensive ones. Lastly, Earthquake is the standard that de-walls Steels and Rocks, who otherwise watch idly as you tickle them... Fun. This is actually a nice set, and you can always Return if you like Life Orb more, but choose wisely, and go rampage stuff!

Tauros @ Salac Berry/Leftovers

Ability: Anger Point
EVs: 4 HP, 252 Atk, 252 Spd
Nature: Jolly
- Return
- Substitute
- Earthquake
- Payback

Anger Point... A devastating ability with the chance to bring on annihilation, hindered by its situationality... Return is your strongest attack available here, as Double-Edge's recoil is too fatal for this set to work. Earthquake wails on walls of stone and metal (Rock and Steel, for the oblivious), as before. Payback is for those nasty Ghosts that think they're better for you, and due to their speed (though you as Jolly may outrun them), you may get the hard hit, lest on a switch in. Finally, Substitute is the focal point of this set~ What you do is Sub until the opponent gets a critical hit, which maximizes your Attack! No one can stop you now! A Salac Berry works nicely to add Speed to complement your imminent team sweep, but Leftovers can allow one more Substitute, giving you more time to activate Anger Point. Some may use a Liechi Berry, as while Anger Point makes it useless, it does give a nice Attack boost if Anger Point should fail. All in all, this is a fun set, but will not accomplish what's all possible if the bull won't get Angry~!

Yay~ Another PotW done~! I hope you guys liked this one, as it was troublesome to make! I can't begin to expressmy frustration, but I'm doing alright...

My posts maybe delayed for a while, as my laptop has crashed... again... *sigh* Anyway, while I'm getting it repaired, I'm on my uncle's laggy (yet not completely bad) laptop. For a while, posts may be slow, so head up! Anywho~

Gute nacht! Ja oyasumi! Have a good day~ :3

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pokemon Event - WiFi, guys! I bring back some more info on the Shiny Hydreigon and Shiny Golurk events that I spoke of a while ago! Well, it's not only a notice this time!

That's right, the Shiny event Pokemon are now available~! :3 (NOTE: This is again for the Japanese games only, for now....)

I know I say a lot about Japanese events, but I don't want to mess with the heads of my non-importing, non-Japanese viewers... I want to spread my data and info across the world, as gaming is truly an international pastime! Screw baseball! (Hehe... Screwball...)
Anyway, jokes aside, I will give you the info here again so you guys don't have to go scrounge up my older post about these Pokemon, got it? Ain't I nice~? First of all, these Pokemon are in order here to commemorate the Pokemon Movie(s?) 11, Victini and the Black Hero: Zekrom, and Victini and the White Hero: Reshiram! 8D

To get the Carita's Shiny Hydreigon, you must have Pokemon: Black Version. For Janta's Shiny Golurk, you must have Pokemon: White Version.

It's fairly simple to do, as you just go on WiFi like previous events.

So on, both have pretty nice movepools already on them, and a few adjustments could make them very powerful! They are at Lvl.70 right off the bat, which is always nice~ Now you know the Cherish Ball and Classic Ribbon that always comes exclusively to event Pokemon and Pokesav/savestate hackers? Well... the Cherish Ball is here! ^^" It seems these two have a ribbon known as the Wishing Ribbon. Unless I missed something, or it was from an old (and thus, not received by me) event, than I believe this is a brand new, special ribbon! Not that it does much, but... hey, Pokemon training has a lot of bragging in it, right? o3o"

This is as much info as I have now, and you guys will be the first to hear of any other releases such as North America, Australia, and Europe! Expect them around movie time, guys~! >:3

So this has been another not-so-excellent update by yours truly: NiGHtsBeta09, the metallic jester~ ;3

Until next time! Ja~ Have a good night~! :3

Monday, July 4, 2011

Anime Expo

Hey, all~! Just another news update today~ And yes! ZOMG! Three updates in 2 days! Meh, got a problem?

Anyway, I went to Anime Expo 2011 yesterday (July 3rd), and spent the whole day running around with my best friend! In actuality, it was awesome! I had only gone to AX before once, in 2009. When I went there, I went into the Expo Hall, walked around, and that's all. This year, my friend showed me how much that AX really has!

Before the Expo Hall opened (10:00, we got there at 8:00-8:30), we went into the video hall and watched Kanon, then after we explored the Hall for a few hours, we ate then went to another video hall and I got to see Kekkaishi! I was confused about what the story was about for the first couple episoodes, but she was able to guide me through it fine enough~ ^^;;

Anyway, there was so much Pokemon merchandise there! There was a bunch of fan art in the Artist Alley (in which I bought 3 pieces, 2 that were Pokemon and 1 of Pikmin), and a LOT of plushies! I even saw some chibi versions of new Pokemon~ :3 One place that I got excited about was a booth selling things that you cannot find anymore, including the original (Japanese) Pokemon Red and Green Versions! A few more were there, but it was awesome!

As for cosplayers, there were Pokemon ones everywhere. Of course there a few as Ash, a couple as Misty (Woot~), but sadly I only saw maybe one Brock... A lot of people were dressed as Pikachu, I saw Dawn and even Ruby (Brendan), and some Piplup! One group I liked was a Pikachu, Piplup, and even a Quilava~! That was cool and nicely made. Of course there was a Bianca and I even saw Cheren, with quite a few Blacks and Whites (the main characters from Pokemon BW), and to complete the "collection," at least a couple Ns!! X3 Strangely, there was even an Arcanine o3o" And finally, another than I liked was a few people as Umbreon~! That was a good one~

I know this is mostly rambling, but I thought I'd let people know of all the true-blue Pokemon fans that attend the AX every year! Have fun~! :3

Pokemon of the Week - Dragonite


Pokemon of the Week is here! On the 4th of July, nonetheless! Now there isn't really a reason that I chose Dragonite other than the fact that he's a favorite of mine, and he's underrated when compared to Salamence. I don't mean Salamence is bad, he's just really overused sometimes. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the Pokemon of the Week today, and have fun~! :3 - Dragonite Pokedex Entry

Dragonite... Doesn't he look too kind to be a big, powerful Dragon? Well, why not both~? Dragonite boasts a very high Attack stat (one of the highest among non-Legends), and very nice stats all-around! While he may be horridly cast aside by the uber-popular Salamence, Dragonite makes of for the lower Speed and worse Ability. Dragonite has very nice bulk compared to Salamence, as well as a much more diverse and fun movepool. Is Speed really bothering you that much? Dragonite can learn ExtremeSpeed, a +2 Priority Attack~! :3 Try that on for size~

Base Stats:
HP - 91
Atk - 134
Def - 95
SpAtk - 100
SpDef - 100
Spd - 80


Dragonite @ Life Orb

Ability: Inner Focus
EVs: 56 Atk, 252 SpAtk, 200 Spd
Nature: Mild
- Draco Meteor
- Flamethrower
- Superpower
- Roost/ExtremeSpeed

Dragonite can actually run a mixed set very well! With his incredible Attack and respectable Special Attack, this chubby powerhouse can take down a lot of Pokemon. One of the highest ranking uses for this is as a very nice wallbreaker, as he can take down very common ones like Blissey and even Tyranitar~ Draco Meteor badly damages anything that isn't Steel or Blissey, OHKOing many of them! Flamethrower will have enough power to take down just about any Steel-Type thrown at you. Superpower can OHKO Blissey and Tyranitar, while lowering your Attack and Defense, so watch out for a surprise revenge kill! For the last slot, a bit of thought may be needed~ Roost can allow Dragonite to live much longer, so the residual damage of Stealth Rocks, Sandstorms, and your own Life Orb won't kill you, when combined with any attacks your opponent may get in. ExtremeSpeed gives you another attack, and a +2 Priority one, at that! While not as useful as Roost is sometimes, it allows you to bypass Dragonites only big flaw: his lower-than-others Speed! It also allows Dragonite to be an effective lead and revenge killer~ Keep on your toes, and you can devastate your enemies with this set~!

Dragonite @ Life Orb

Ability: Inner Focus
EVs: 252 Atk, 4 Def, 252 Spd
Nature: Adamant
- Dragon Dance
- Dragon Claw
- ExtremeSpeed
- Earthquake

Dragonite's typing gives it many resistances and an immunity, and his natural bulk gives him some stall time. Using this, Dragonite is a viable user of Dragon Dance. With Adamant and max Attack, this Pokemon reaches phenomenal Attack power, and enough to outspeed any nonboosted Pokemon with base 125 Speed, after just one Dragon Dance! For a Dragonite, that's incredible~ I chose Dragon Claw over Outrage as it is more reliable, and only a few Pokemon (such as Suicune) will need to be worried about without Outrage. Besides, a move lock and confusion can lay waste to your hard-earned DDs! Next, ExtremeSpeed lets you outspeed the Pokemon that you can't normally, and would give you problems (Flygon, anyone?). Earthquake nicely fits into the last slot and kills non-floating Steels that wall your other attacks. With these moves and all of your different boosts, the only Pokemon to completely wall you are Skarmory and Bronzong. Play this right and watch out for your counters, and you will annihilate all in your dragon's path~!

Well that's the end of that chapter~ Hmm? What? Too cliche? o3o" Whatever, anyway! I hope everyone enjoyed this, as I know I did! Well, except a couple formatting problems that really annoyed me... So, I guess that's it for today~ Stay tuned next time for another nice update!

Guten tag! Ja ne! Good bye~! :3

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Game Updates, inhabitants of the Hive! Not much to update today, so I'll give you some smaller information, ok?

The Pokemon Dream World is gaining another update. It doesn't have new Pokemon, but gives a new minigame to control Victini in. If you send in Reshiram or Zekrom into the Dream World, you should gain access to their respective C-Gear Skins, mentioned all before. Do note, I am not entirely sure if this is the one coming to the US Dream World, or if it is Japan-only, again. Good luck, and have fun!

For my second update, I would like to tell about Super Pokemon Scramble, the recently announced new game, and continuation of Pokemon Rumble. This game is still going strong with information, and new pictures have been released and given to Serebii (I wish I had connections like that). If you wish to go and look at the screenshots of pre-release, then check them out here, on the main page and pic page~! Have fun!

Well, that's not much, but that's all I have for the night. Be here tomorrow for another Pokemon of the Week! I'll try and make it a good one~!

Gute nacht! Ja ne! See you soon~ :'3