Monday, July 25, 2011

Pokemon of the Week - Sigilyph


Hey, guys! Hope your day and summer is going great so far! I know mine is, and I just officially got my first college classes the other day! Anyway, ramblings aside... Welcome! This is my next Pokemon of the Week~ I thought about who to do and... I got a little idea. I'm gonna go off the wall and recommend movesets for friendly battling~! I know this is mostly a competitive kind of analysis, but many of my friends (who are hopefully the most common readers of my posts) do not contend in competitive battling, so I chose to give something mainly for them~ :3 Plus, Sigilyph does well in-game, and in competitive with lots of usable niches~! - Sigilyph Pokedex Entry

Sigilyph is an ancient Pokemon who used to guard an ancient city of old. It is said that it will continue to fly the same path without change, as its memories of guarding the long-torn city still remain vigilant in its mind. Behaviors aside, this is a very nice Pokemon! I never thought too much into it, but it's true~ While its defenses at 72/80/80 are a bit shaky at best, its Special Attack is very respectable at 103~ Plus, a 97 Base Speed is by no means horrid. Other than that, it has a nice typing that, even with an assortment of weaknesses, it hits a lot of Pokemon very hard! Plus its movepool is pretty good, and it's extremely useful for in-game purposes!

Base Stats:
HP - 72
Atk - 58
Def - 80
SpAtk - 103
SpDef - 80
Spd - 97


Sigilyph @ Flame Orb/Toxic Orb

Ability: Magic Guard
EVs: 4 HP, 252 SpAtk, 252 Spd
Nature: Modest/Timid
- Psychic/Psyshock
- Air Slash
- Charge Beam/Shadow Ball
- Ice Beam/Energy Ball/Shadow Ball

This is my own idea for a set, and I think it would work out pretty nicely~ The Nature and EVs shouldn't have to be explained here (look at its Base Stats!), I would hope. Psychic and Psyshock are your STAB moves of choice here, and if you don't mind the slightly lower-powered attack to be able to hit a Pokemon with low Defense~ Air Slash complements this nicely as a STAB and allows you to hit Darks and Bugs, the latter for super-effective damage. Next, I would choose between Charge Beam or Shadow Ball. Charge Beam allows you to hit Steels that wall your other attacks, as well as potentially getting a boost to your already good Special Attack! Shadow Ball is more powerful with nice complements, but you lose the ability to hit Steels hard enough. For the last slot, Ice Beam, Energy Ball, and Shadow Ball (if you didn't choose it before) are prime choice, depending on what you may need coverage on. Finally, Sigilyph gets Magic Guard, which is one of the best abilities in the game! It makes all Weather and indirect-damage moves do zero damage to Sigilyph! This helps it defend from a lot of things that normally cripple it, and allow for a sneaky yet useful strategy, even if used on a weather team. Holding a Flame Orb makes it so that any contact attack will have a chance to burn (and thus cripple) your opponent! And if you don't fear physical attack, who cares? Use a Toxic Orb, which badly poisons (more damage each turn) the enemy! I like the idea of this strategy, honestly~

Other Option:
I chose that set above since many people who don't go into competitive battling rarely use stat/non-damaging moves except for a few of them, and Sigilyph can access quite a few, some that help it and the team~ Sigilyph can provide Dual Screen support, which even helps itself due to its mediocre to low defensive stats which are also aided within Roost. Have a slow team? You can even use Tailwind to speed you all up! Great for teams like mine (I have Emboar, Gigalith, Beartic, and Haxorus, though Haxorus isn't that slow). Or even Gravity if you have a lot of Earthquake users and don't want anyone to avoid your strategy. Finally, if your team calls for it, Sigilyph can even be a set-up Pokemon for Rain Dance and/or Trick Room! Sheesh... I'm starting to like this guy even more! xD

So, whatcha thinkin'~? I know it may not be what everyone is looking mostly for, but I hope this can be of use to people who don't have much need for my usual PotW entries. As I said, if I can make one person happy with my info or anything, that would make my day!

So I hope to see you all again soon! And please comment... I would love to hear from readers, truly~

Good night! Guten tag! Ja oyasumi! :3 NiGHtsBeta09, signing out~


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