Monday, July 4, 2011

Anime Expo

Hey, all~! Just another news update today~ And yes! ZOMG! Three updates in 2 days! Meh, got a problem?

Anyway, I went to Anime Expo 2011 yesterday (July 3rd), and spent the whole day running around with my best friend! In actuality, it was awesome! I had only gone to AX before once, in 2009. When I went there, I went into the Expo Hall, walked around, and that's all. This year, my friend showed me how much that AX really has!

Before the Expo Hall opened (10:00, we got there at 8:00-8:30), we went into the video hall and watched Kanon, then after we explored the Hall for a few hours, we ate then went to another video hall and I got to see Kekkaishi! I was confused about what the story was about for the first couple episoodes, but she was able to guide me through it fine enough~ ^^;;

Anyway, there was so much Pokemon merchandise there! There was a bunch of fan art in the Artist Alley (in which I bought 3 pieces, 2 that were Pokemon and 1 of Pikmin), and a LOT of plushies! I even saw some chibi versions of new Pokemon~ :3 One place that I got excited about was a booth selling things that you cannot find anymore, including the original (Japanese) Pokemon Red and Green Versions! A few more were there, but it was awesome!

As for cosplayers, there were Pokemon ones everywhere. Of course there a few as Ash, a couple as Misty (Woot~), but sadly I only saw maybe one Brock... A lot of people were dressed as Pikachu, I saw Dawn and even Ruby (Brendan), and some Piplup! One group I liked was a Pikachu, Piplup, and even a Quilava~! That was cool and nicely made. Of course there was a Bianca and I even saw Cheren, with quite a few Blacks and Whites (the main characters from Pokemon BW), and to complete the "collection," at least a couple Ns!! X3 Strangely, there was even an Arcanine o3o" And finally, another than I liked was a few people as Umbreon~! That was a good one~

I know this is mostly rambling, but I thought I'd let people know of all the true-blue Pokemon fans that attend the AX every year! Have fun~! :3


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