Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pokemon Battles

Hey, everyone! Sorry for not updating... It feels weird, but not much I can do about it with my current situation. I finally received the shipping box for my laptop and it's on the way to Toshiba now.

So, on a lighter note, I wanna join the Pokemon Battling Metagame again~! If anyone here wants to battle me, just ask me and provide the following details:

  1. Which game you wish to battle me in (I have nearly every Pokemon game, so don't feel too limited by anything besides WiFi).
  2. Your Friend Code for said game. I will provide mine after you message/comment to me, as I don't want to just list up all my Friend Codes at once~
  3. Any "rules" or "requests" that you would like, such as no Ubers (Legendaries), a certain Tier, limits, or whatever else you may want. See Note below for expanse.

Anyway, I generally don't run Uber or Legends in my team except in special conditions (Lugia in SoulSilver, I like that guy too much~). I will let you knowif I do, and will change if you wish it to be purely non-Uber.

Note: I also run both competitive and friendly play teams. By these I mean "competitive" is the general Pokemon that are fully EV-trained, well-thought-out movesets, and made for actual hardcore battles. "Friendly play" is more of a friend-to-friend combat arena, where I battle using Pokemon such as those I used during the game itself, and aren't EV-trained or bred for specific things. Deepest I go for them is simply finding specific Natures, but not always.

So as before, if anyone would like to battle me, just give me your information from before, and I will respond with my Friend Code and we can work it out from there~ Hope to hear from you all soon!

Good day~ Ja ne~ Guten tag~ :3 Until next time!

PS) It wouldn't let me add another image for some reason, but Platinum, Black, and White are included as well~! |3


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