Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pokemon Event - WiFi, guys! I bring back some more info on the Shiny Hydreigon and Shiny Golurk events that I spoke of a while ago! Well, it's not only a notice this time!

That's right, the Shiny event Pokemon are now available~! :3 (NOTE: This is again for the Japanese games only, for now....)

I know I say a lot about Japanese events, but I don't want to mess with the heads of my non-importing, non-Japanese viewers... I want to spread my data and info across the world, as gaming is truly an international pastime! Screw baseball! (Hehe... Screwball...)
Anyway, jokes aside, I will give you the info here again so you guys don't have to go scrounge up my older post about these Pokemon, got it? Ain't I nice~? First of all, these Pokemon are in order here to commemorate the Pokemon Movie(s?) 11, Victini and the Black Hero: Zekrom, and Victini and the White Hero: Reshiram! 8D

To get the Carita's Shiny Hydreigon, you must have Pokemon: Black Version. For Janta's Shiny Golurk, you must have Pokemon: White Version.

It's fairly simple to do, as you just go on WiFi like previous events.

So on, both have pretty nice movepools already on them, and a few adjustments could make them very powerful! They are at Lvl.70 right off the bat, which is always nice~ Now you know the Cherish Ball and Classic Ribbon that always comes exclusively to event Pokemon and Pokesav/savestate hackers? Well... the Cherish Ball is here! ^^" It seems these two have a ribbon known as the Wishing Ribbon. Unless I missed something, or it was from an old (and thus, not received by me) event, than I believe this is a brand new, special ribbon! Not that it does much, but... hey, Pokemon training has a lot of bragging in it, right? o3o"

This is as much info as I have now, and you guys will be the first to hear of any other releases such as North America, Australia, and Europe! Expect them around movie time, guys~! >:3

So this has been another not-so-excellent update by yours truly: NiGHtsBeta09, the metallic jester~ ;3

Until next time! Ja~ Have a good night~! :3


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