Saturday, May 7, 2011

Update w/ Apologies

Big News!
Hey, guys! Sorry I'm late again, I got distracted with some "personal projects" of mine, so I haven't had much time to write. Anyway, I got some time (and memory) so now I can bring you some news! I know most of you probably either already know this, or don't even read the blog much to keep up with events, but this is a big one for some people!

Well, if you've been watching me or Serebii at all, and keeping up with Pokemon data, well, you may like what's happening soon! :3 For those of you who went onto the Pokemon Main Site and played the minigame for the Dream World Eeveelution, you're in luck now!

The event for the Eeveelutions has finally come to a halt, so the main site has announced that they will soon be adding in the Pokemon you unlocked into the Dream World! It is currently unknown as to how you finally get it in the PGL, whether by small minigame, or just straight to your Friend Board in your Dream Home, but either way, we will soon have them!! X3

*waiting for his Umbreon*

Anyway, please, DO NOTE THIS!! The Eeveelutions are not in the Dream World right now. Nintendo only announced that the event to get them has ended, so they will soon be placing them in the Dream World. Stay tuned here for announcements as well, as I will let you know when you will be able to pick up your respective Pokemon...

Well for now, guten tag! I hope to talk to you all more soon, with more big news! Battle on! And have fun~ Ja~! :3


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