Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pokemon of the Week - Umbreon

Hey, readers! Sorry for the delay in posting! I've been very busy the last few days, actually. ^^" Last week was a bit up and down, then Saturday was prom, and I was busy earlier with some personal stuff~ Anyway! Here is my next (slightly delayed) Pokemon of the Week! Umbreon~! Umbreon is my favorite Eeveelution (tying closely with Espeon). So I hope you guys enjoy all of this, and I'll see ya' again soon!

Ah, Umbreon. Outclassed by many, he still has his own niche in the OU tier~ This along with being one of a few singular users of Baton Pass, he combos well with Mean Look! With his defenses, and a little predictability, our black fox-ish friend here can take down an opponent, or if used well, prepare a team-wide sweep! There's not much more to say about our Dark Eevee, but I would recommend him to anyone~ Especially if they like to use near-gimmicky Pokemon~ |3

Base Stats:
Hp -  95
Atk - 65
Def - 110
Sp.Atk - 60
Sp.Def - 130
Spd - 65

Umbreon @ Leftovers/Chople Berry

Ability: Synchronize
EVs: 252 HP, 128 SpDef, 128 Spd
Nature: Careful
- Baton Pass
- Mean Look
- Wish
- Taunt

A simple set which is easy to use if you do it right, and can help your whole team out~ Baton Pass is the crème de la crème of this set. With his great Defenses and nice HP, Umbreon can almost guarantee a Pass with many options! Due note this usually works best with a previously passed Speed boost, such as from Ninjask.. o3o" Anyway, you can Taunt to prevent opposing Taunts (this is important), then you can Mean Look to lock the enemy in while you pass to something that can resist it completely. You can even Wish to heal Umbreon's HP while trying to Pass, or heal whoever you Pass to! For example, let's say you lock a Choice Pokemon on a Fighting-Type or Bug-Type move, you can switch to an advantaged Gyarados, do a couple Dragon Dances, then proceed to sweep over half of the opponent's team! That is awesome~! As for the item, I usually prefer Leftovers to help Umbreon's survivability, but I find that Umbreon is Fighting-fodder. As in, he's a magnet for the damn things >> So sometimes a Chople Berry will save you, if you have trouble with them. One good strategy can be to lure in a Fighting-Type, lock it in on the switch, then Pass while the hit is absorbed by the Berry. If you switch to a Ghost or Psychic Pokemon, fun times will be had~ Enjoy~~! >:3

I hope you all enjoyed this one! I had fun writing about my favorite set, and always like to use Umbreon~ ^^" Anyway, maybe this will help someone someday, or whatever... I'm not sure, but I hope someone finds my writings and rants useful! |'3

Guten tag~ Ja oyasumi~ Battle on! :3


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