Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cheap Pokemon Cards

Cheap Pokemon cards seem to be something that tons of people are searching for, and the craze rarely seems to slow with all the new cards being developed! It's crazy! o3o" I stopped truly collecting just before 3rd Generation, but I have tons of 1st Gen cards, and quite a few 2nd Gen as well. Promos and LimEd included~ =P (Still proud of my plated holographic Charizard card |3)

Anyway, I thought I would help anyone looking for Pokemon cards at good prices. Like usual, there's always things like Target and other department stores, but sometimes you need better prices, right? Anyway, I have a few places that are known for having a good supply of cheap Pokemon cards for you all! Find them below and enjoy~~



Collector's Cache 



And of course, for chancy situations:


And a similar, yet not as risky one:


This is my somewhat big list of places that people can buy cheap Pokemon cards, and most are pretty reliable, if not trustworthy and fun~ I hope this all helps you guys, and do keep note: I will post more as I discover more, ok~? So for now...

We'll see you next time in the Pokemon Hive~! Battle on, and ja ne~! >:3

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