Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pokemon Cafe - Live~!

Hey guys, not much of an update ^^;; Sorry for my lack of activity, and I take full responsibility for it this time! (not that I have a ton of active readers anyway, but still...)

Anyways, for those of you with the Japanese version of the Black and White games (and in retrospect, access to the Japanese Global Link), a new goodie is here for you~! The Pokemon Cafe is open and live for JGL users~!

For anyone who doesn't know yet, the cafe is somewhat of a new game/minigame in the Global Link and Dream World, and allows you to gain brand new items (such as the 3 original base Evolution Stones and Rare Candies), and a few new Pokemon! :3

These Pokemon are 4 in number~ First there is Poliwhirl! Now realize that Poliwhirl evolves into 2 Pokemon, one of which is now a highly overused Rain Dance team Pokemon, for its hidden ability: Drizzle!! Yup! Kyogre's very own ability is in Politoed!

Next is a Burmy (nice choice of multi-Evo's there). I'm not sure how useful his Dream-version evolutions are now, but who knows what they can do~?

Third we have Smeargle, with his Moody ability~ If I remember correctly, that raises a random stat and lowers another random stat per turn~ Not the best ability, but works better than Own Tempo, I'm sure ^^"

Finally there is... (you'll love this~) *drumroll* Eevee~! That means Female Eevees~! That means we can breed Dream Ability Eevees and get all the Eeveelutions~! Heh.... Kinda makes that Eeveelution event a bit pointless now, doesn't it? o3o"

Now the catch:
This event will only be here for a few months, wherever it gets released! At least, it seems so... I believe the Japanese one will be down around August of this year or so? So get there while you can~! :3

So I'll have to bid you adieu~ For now~ Until next time in the Pokemon Hive! >:3
Gute nacht! Ja ne! And I'll see you all later~! :3

PS) I'll be coming up with a bigger post soon, but I won't tell what it is just yet, ok? Talk to you later! :3


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