Friday, May 13, 2011

Self Information~?

Hallo, guys! And welcome to another post and issue in the Pokemon Hive, where beasts of big and small can live together in peace~

Anywho, I decided to let out a little more information on yours truly, the head of this Hive. I won't be giving a ton of information here, as I want to be somewhat an online entity, but if you know me personally you will probably already know a lot of this. ^^" Just stay focused~

So, for those of you who in fact don't know me closer, like my friends, I'll fill you in a bit (but try and stay somewhat Pokemon-oriented. First of all, i was introduced to Pokemon by a friend that lived across the street from me, back when I was five. He was so surprised that I didn't know what Pokemon was (my gaming knowledge was limited to the N64 and SNES and games my grandparents gave me about a year before), but I soon took a shine and a knowledge base of the franchise.

A couple years later, my friend was hit by the brick wall I liked to call the "Anti-Pokemon Syndrome." This was basically a point that many fans hit at some time (though luckily few were permanent) where they believed that Pokemon was childish, and they were too old for it. Afraid that he'd think I was a kid too, I "gave up" on Pokemon for a while (though I still played my yellow and other games every day at home~ ;3). Well, a few years later I just kept playing and didn't even hide it, and soon I became the Pokemon fan I am today, I suppose. ^^"

So enough rambling on my Poke-Past~ |3 So as some of you hopefully also know, I am an aspiring artist~ :3 My inspirations are various, but I have a few main ones. So At some point I may upload a post here with some of my own art (Pokemon or general subjects), for you all to enjoy~! For now, I'll give you a sample of something I did a while ago~ (I'm a lot better now, I promise ^^")

I hope you guys liked the little artful display, and I even have a tablet now so I can do on-comp, hand-drawn digital art~ :3 But, that's for another time.. o3o"

So I wish you all a good day, and you're welcome into the Hive at any time! Guten tag, and ja ne! Battle on, everybody! >:3


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