Monday, May 16, 2011

Pokemon of the Week - Mew


Hallo, my Pokemon Hive readers~ Welcome to another post of the Hive, and the 6th version of my Pokemon of the Week series! This one features the very first Pokemon that Nintendo had trademarked: Mew! Another of my favorite Pokemon, Mew is a Legendary that everyone tries to obtain, but few get the chance outside of recent anniversary events~ ^^" Anyway, enjoy~! :3

Haha, I love to review Mew as a Pokemon! It's so versatile, and can be used as almost any role, since all of its stats are above average, and beat many others. You can use it as a sweeper, a wall, an annoyer, a phazer, and almost anything else your team can want! That, along with its innate ability to learn every single TM and HM without fail, makes it a very unpredictable Pokemon as well. I will be listing some key things to use Mew as, so I hope you guys enjoy the review of Pokemon #151, and the first PotW Legendary: Mew, the New Species Pokemon~!

Base Stats:
Hp -  100
Atk - 100
Def - 100
Sp.Atk - 100
Sp.Def - 100
Spd - 100

Mew @ Leftovers

Ability: Synchronize
EVs: 252 HP, 168 SpDef, 68 Spd
Nature: Calm
- Rock Polish
- Swords Dance/Nasty Plot
- Substitute
- Baton Pass

I like this set when I use Mew as a support role Pokemon~ It's fun if you get it done correctly~ Anyway, this Pokemon here is mostly used for Baton Passing effects and boosts to your other Pokemon, which Mew does very well with its versatility in moves, and durability to be reliable. Anyway, its Nature and EVs are set up so it can better tank what threatens it in the Uber metagame. Rock Polish is to help with the fact that the majority of the sweepers you will be Passing to are too slow to sweep against their counters or walls. Some Passed-to Pokemon don't need this, however. Swords Dance or Nasty Plot can be interchanged depending on what the Pass calls for. Are you passing to a physical Groudon or a special Kyogre? Substitute protects Mew from a few attacks that will try to stop it, along with Status Ailments, and allows for a possible free turn to Pass or get a last boost. Also, you can Baton Pass Substitutes to your receiving Pokemon, which can help the switch-in a lot! Finally, Baton Pass is the obvious attack choice, else this set would fail immensely! o3o" The Leftovers allow Mew to survive longer with Substitute, and heal some small damage each turn. have fun passing along~!

Mew @ Choice Scarf

Ability: Synchronize
EVs: 252 HP, 4 SpDef, 252 Spd
Nature: Jolly
- Transform
- Trick
- Explosion
- Light Screen/Reflect

I checked out the sets and this one seemed like another fun, gimmicky one! ^^" Basically Transform is used for unpredictability, and the fact that few people will have some counter to it. What you need to do is switch in on something that Mew can survive a turn or two against, and Trick it to give it the Choice Scarf. While they are stuck on a move, Transform into it and proceed to sweep, wall, or do whatever that wanted Pokemon can do to help you~! For the Light Screen and Reflect, choose one that would help Mew Transform, and the rest of your team most. Explosion is mostly there as a filler, and can be used to annihilate the enemy Pokemon, especially if you predict your Transformation to be a fail. Plus, it adds power and surprise, which is always gladly welcomed~ There's not too much more to say about this set, but if your team can't handle Pokemon that resist Trick (like Giratina Origin Forme), then you can always switch Trick for Hypnosis, and use Leftovers instead of Choice Scarf. This will add survivability, while still being able to cripple your target Pokemon~ Thing strategically, and work hard, and this set can help you win big, especially in late game! Have fun with this one too!

And there is my Pokemon of the Week post for Mew, the last Pokemon of the Kanto Dex, and first one to have its name trademarked by Nintendo! I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and liked the new Uber focus, and come to join next time! Until then~

Battle on! Guten tag, und ja ne! :3


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    1. I love Mew to. I am the biggest fan!!!

  2. @maggief33

    Haha, so do I~ ^^" That's why I chose it! My favorite Legend~!

  3. I like the first set. My friend just got me a Mew, so this is interesting XD

  4. @Anonymous

    Haha, me too! I hope you can have some fun, and mess around with my sets! They are by no means the best (I just make half of 'em up)~

    I like that one too, especially with Swords Dance since I love physical Pokemon powerhouses! :3

  5. I am the biggest fan of Mew. Its so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MEW! MEW!