Monday, August 1, 2011

Pokemon of the Week - Mightyena


Hey guys! Welcome back to Pokemon of the Week~! In apology for neglecting this blog the last couple weeks (since enrolling in Mt. SAC and starting my Let's Play project), I'm gonna do another obscure PotW analysis here! We have Mightyena, one of my favorite Pokemon around 3rd Gen, and I'm gonna teach you a few things here, including how I've used it viably in OU play! Enjoy~ - Mightyena Pokedex Entry

Mightyena is a strange Pokemon in a way. Its higher offensive stat is Attack, but it is used more viably in a Special set. Mightyena kind of lacked back in 3rd Gen before the Physical/Special split, especially given the strange choice of Nintendo and Game Freak to make Dark a Special typing, which is weird given that the only Dark Types at its release were Houndoom and Tyranitar. But the only good Dark attacks were Physical or support! Anyway, while its Special Attack isn't the best, it has good enough attacks in its movepool to somewhat make use of it. Plus, it gets 3 of the best abilities of the game! Read on~

Base Stats:
HP - 70
Atk - 90
Def - 70
SpAtk - 60
SpDef - 60
Spd - 70


Mightyena @ Toxic Orb

Ability: Quick Feet
EVs: 252 Atk, 4 Def, 252 Spd
Nature: Adamant
- Facade
- Sucker Punch
- Crunch
- Howl

I'm starting off here with a physical set despite what I was talking about before. Now, Mightyena has incredible abilities, one of which is Quick Feet. What Quick Feet does is basically give Mightyena an immunity to almost every status condition. When it has any status (sans Paralysis), his below average Speed gets doubled! Now that helps this weak attacker very well! With the Poison from the Toxic Orb, Mightyena also gets a doubled boost to Facade as well, making it easily his strongest attack. Sigh... If only it was STABed... Anyways, Crunch is for the STAB, and Sucker Punch works since most enemies will be attacking this low-Defensive 'mon. I chose Taunt over Howl for a couple reasons. Mightyena isn't seen as strong, so they may try and set up on it, plus the Speed boost will help Taunt better. Also, Taunt can force them to use moves they'd rather not be using with Mightyena, which is awesome bait for Sucker Punch! If you need Howl's Attack boost though, by all means go ahead!

Mightyena @ Life Orb

Ability: Intimidate

EVs: 252 Atk, 40 SpAtk, 216 Spd
Nature: Naive
- Sucker Punch
- Earthquake

- Stone Edge
- Overheat

This set it still Physically oriented, but has a bit of power in Special Attack. Sucker Punch is the normal priority attack if you can predict an opposing one. Earthquake hits Steels and other resistors. Stone Edge can take on Gyarados, Salamence, and anything else that doesn't appreciate Rock. Now for the final puzzle piece, and as to why there is some Special-ness on this set. Overheat on this Naive set can actually OHKO a Skarmory (well... some variations of it). Stealth Rock support helps immensely, including with Skarmory-killing. If you run Jolly over Naive, then Stealth Rock is necessary for the kill. Overall a nice set, for what a Mightyena can give~

So, how was this one? Help any OU or UU fans? I hope you guys have fun reading my work, honestly... Comment if you read~! X3

Anyway, stay tuned next time for the next post, and another Pokemon of the Week! And don't forget to click here to check out my new Let's Play channel on YouTube! :3

Ja~ Catch ya' all later then~! Guten tag! :3


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  2. Mightyena can't learn Earthquake, nor can it learn Stone Edge, or Overheat. Seriously, the entire last set is a lie. >.>

  3. Wow, I don't even remember that one...