Saturday, August 6, 2011

More C-Gear Skins Available Now!

Hey guys, we actually have some good new for those of you who actively go to the Dream World/Pokemon Global Link! (Don't worry, this applies to you even if you rarely go on a whim...)

What this update is about is 2 new Pokemon Black & White C-Gear Skins!! And I gotta say... One of them is pretty awesome~ (and is my current one)

The first of these two C-Gear Skins is called Earful Audino, and the password needed to unlock and use this Skin upon re-entry to the game from the Dream World is: YAHOOAUDINO

 And here's a little preview of what you'll be gettin'!

Next is the POKEMON WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2011 C-Gear Skin! And I truly have to say this again... Pikachu never looked so badass~! |3

Anywho, the password for this International Skin is in fact: WorldsCGear

Like usual, enter the password in the Promotions section of the PGL to get a nice little G-Gear Skin that looks something like this~
Haha, idk what language the tab buttons are |'3


So again, I know if you guys keep up with Serebii enough this will be old news, so I gotta work on some stuff to give you guys! I'm probably not even getting many (if any?) readers here anymore! It sucks! *sigh* </rant>

Anyway I hope you all have a fun day and enjoy your summer! Live it up while you can~!


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