Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pokemon Rumble Blast, plus Info

Hey guys! As you know, Serebii's been keeping us updated with info on the recently announced Pokemon Rumble Blast, a new Nintendo 3DS title.
Yay~ 3 of my favorites~ :3

The other day, some more Passwords for the game were released, and this time, 2 of them have their full details! If I remember correctly, they are for Oshawott and Zoroark toys~ Along with this, more information has been released, including a full list of Pokemon Rumble Blast abilities!

So far the game looks like it will be a fun title, with even more added in to diversify it from its Pokemon predecessor, Pokemon Rumble for the Nintendo Wii's Wiiware. I hope to see this released here sooner!


As a side update, I have already ordered a capture card to record some of my games on, so I just need to wait for it to arrive here. Alongside any Let's Plays and things like that that I do, I may also record some Pokemon battles in my spare time... well, given I can find my Pokemon Battle Revolution... >>" I have no clue where it went! o3o" But that's beside the point.

I hope you guys enjoyed the update today, and sorry for not being able to bring in new material with my limited options here ^^;; I have to try and find a way to gather up and information network... Well, until then!

Ja ne~ Have a good day/night~! Bye! :3


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