Saturday, October 22, 2011

What Am I Even Doing...?

Hey, guys! Or... whoever may stumble upon this, at this point...

I'm kinda here just to say I'm kinda ashamed at myself... I mean, I told myself I would keep this blog up and running, and I did what I could to provide you guys with awesome content (at least, that's what I thought it was), but all I did was drop the project at one point.

Lately I've been so friggin' busy half the time, I rarely even remember this thing exists... And it makes me sad, honestly. My laptop's on the fritz again (yes... AGAIN!), I'm in college now and half a full week with classes, and so much more has been going on! I'm looking into getting myself a job, but idk what I wanna do. I was thinking of working at a local GameStop, but at the same time....

I also have to say, I wanna work for myself. I want to control my own future, be the decider of my own fate, the maker of my own design. I'll work for that, especially if it means I'll be able to support the ones I love. I'm currently looking up ways to make some money as we speak, but I'm not sure what to do. I keep seeing "Make A Blog!" everywhere, but... at this point, it's almost depressing me.

*sigh* Well, I need to buck up and get things straight! I'll still try and post here, but it won't be like before. Maybe if my LP's actually start picking up (once my laptop's back, of course) and I hopefully get some viewers, then... by all means, the Pokemon Hive will be making a comeback, and I promise that to you all.

Whoever reads this, well... Let me know how you're doing~ Tell me what's on your mind after this 2-month gap! ........... Well that didn't help my mood to realize...~ =3=

Anyway, I gotta bounce, so I'll catch you all late, 'kay~? Buh-bye, Hivians!


  1. *pats head*

    I wish you luck on your future.

    I just came across this blog today. But from what I read, it seems very interesting ^^"

    I'll be a viewer for this blog, and... well... hopefully, maybe somehow I can help contribute too!

    Like a reader-contributor, if such a thing exists! XD

  2. @Anonymous

    Thank you, it actually helps a lot to hear someone say that! :3

    I've been a bit bummed out because I really didn't want to neglect this, but I've been insane-busy lately...

    Post/comment anything you like! I try and please the few readers I do have, so I'll do what I can to take your ideas/contributions to heart~!

  3. I got here from a Gengar picture. I love this site, and I hope it doen't die, because i have it bookmarked!

    Good luck

  4. @Samurott

    Wow... I haven't updated this thing in a while, but... It really does lift my spirits a bit to hear that someone likes my blog that much, enough to even bookmark it! ^^" Thanks, man, I needed that.

    The Hive may just be back up and running soon then, if I can get the time!